viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

The Don Pancho hotel launches new website

The Don Pancho presents its new website, conceived and designed to facilitate the user experience with the hotel via the Internet.

The Don Pancho makes available to the user and customers its new website.

The main objective of the new design is to provide a website more convenient and useful for both, clients and users.

This hotel in Benidorm introduces the new version of its website that offers significant improvements including:

A more simple web
Navigation options through the web has been considerably reduced. Just access to those options more interested to users based on the study of previous web usage.

A more visual web
The Don Pancho is aware of the importance of image when choosing a hotel. The new website focuses on the constant presence of images of the hotel that corroborate the description of the facilities in the textual content.

A gallery of images introduces you to all the hotel facilities.

A more social web
Social networks contribute to increase the presence of Benidorm hotels through Internet. From any page you can get quick access to social networks where the Don Pancho hotel has a presence, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google + and others.

Multimedia content related to the hotel is also shared through YouTube or Flickr and also is launching a blog in order to inform users of any developments relating to the hotel. This blog is also designed to offer relevant information about Benidorm and surroundings.

A more targeted web users
Becoming a preliminary analysis of the different screen resolutions more common among users, the site is designed so that the relevant content covering the whole screen space. This greatly facilitates access to relevant information at a glance without having to use the screen scrolling.

A more practical web to book

Booking is accessible from any page. There is a small form present in the visible area of all the web pages. This form does not invade the content and it is present at all times in a subtle way.

The booking process has also been redesigned

  • The booking steps are reduced, the process is short, easy and straightforward.
  • All data request has no direct interest in the reservation has been removed.
  • The booking process is integrated into the hotel's own website.
  • The data request is performed via security protocols. The user has the confidence that the data is placed in a safe place.

Ultimately, the Hotel Don Pancho joined their efforts to improve the experience of its customers and users through Internet.

Don Pancho
Hotel in Benidorm