viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

The Hotel Don Pancho, Adults Only (16+), starting in May 2018

Dearest Friends of the Hotel Don Pancho,

We would like to share with you that starting in May 2018, the Don Pancho will become an Adults Only (16+) hotel.

We made this decision after listening very closely to our guests; over the last few years, the vast majority of you shared with us their wish of having the Don Pancho cater exclusively to an adult audience. We listened, and have now made your wish our command.

Our goal with this decision is to focus ALL our attention on a very specific type of guest:  the type of guest who values peace and relaxation above all. We believe that with our focus, the Hotel Don Pancho will become an Oasis of Peace like no other in Benidorm.

We are aware that this type of decision can never meet everyone's expectations and that there will be guests who don´t share our new approach. To all current and past guests with children, our most sincere apologies; nothing is further from our purpose than to upset those families who have placed so much trust on us.

And to you, little ones, who have been coming to our hotel year after year, please know that in a few years, once you turn 16, we will be waiting for you and your families with open arms. We will show you then that our hotel is even better than you remembered as a child.

Our Oasis of Peace objective extends past children, to any groups that may disturb the well-being of our guests, such as stag and hen parties and ‘celebration-type’ groups. There are plenty of other hotels in Benidorm that cater to such audience. But not the Don Pancho. Please be assured that will do our very best to discourage such groups.

Thank you very much for all your continued support during this exciting journey together. This is an amazing time; we are confident that the new Adults Only Hotel Don Pancho will shine brighter than ever for all our guests for many, many years to come.

Kind Regards,

The Don Pancho Team

domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

Let's celebrate together St. George's Day in style at Hotel Don Pancho!

Saint George is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated saints in the Christian tradition. The festival of Saint Georges is not only one of the most important in England, but also in many other parts of the world. In many regions of Spain, it is also commemorated, for example, San Jorge in Aragon, or San Jordi in Catalonia and in some municipalities of our Valencian Community. In these places, it is customary on April 23 for men to give a red rose to women, as did the knight Jorge to his princess.

Image of Saint George, patron saint of the popular festivities in the city of Alcoy, 
also located in the province of Alicante, as well as the city of Benidorm.

But on this particular day we also share another celebration. Fate wanted two of the greatest writers of European literature, Shakespeare and Cervantes, to die on the same date of the calendar, exactly on April 23, 1616. Thus, St. George's Day also commemorates internationally the Day of Literature, and for that reason in some areas, besides a red rose it is customary to give away a book.

Books are undoubtedly a great travelling companion, especially in those moments of relaxation in which we feel the need to disconnect and let time pass peacefully. And since Hotel Don Pancho stands as an oasis of peace and tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle, we could not miss this detail. We have a special selection of books available to our guests, as well as numerous reading areas, such as the lobby bar with comfortable seating or the warm and relaxed atmosphere of the pool area. Just imagine yourself lying on the sun loungers near the pool and reading your favourite book while the sea breeze caresses your face.

Furthermore, the beaches of Benidorm have also been a pioneer in implementing a public book lending service right on the sand, which currently has more than 100 thousand users a year. What better proof that a good book is the perfect complement to your holidays?


At the Hotel Don Pancho, your hotel in Benidorm, we also strive, as Jorge did, to overcome every day the dragon of stress and routine. Join us in this task and enjoy a magical and relaxing atmosphere in a legendary environment.

Let's celebrate together St. George's Day in style at Hotel Don Pancho!

Hotel Don Pancho

martes, 18 de abril de 2017

FOURTH PLACE in the general classification by team of the Marathon Des Sables 2017

The great challenge Marathon Des Sables has come to an end and we are very happy with the results achieved. The Alicante´s team, formed by Antonio García (president of the "ADHD Association”), Miguel Ángel Cayuela (president of the “Asociación Ultrafondo Solidario”), and Francisco Javier López (known by everyone as "Mimi"), with the sponsorship of Hotel Don Pancho, has obtained FOURTH PLACE in the general classification by team, in "the toughest race on Earth”". Their goal is to raise funds to help children and families with ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism.

The three athletes have taken their motto "the best race, the smile of a child", through the dunes of the Sahara Desert. Undoubtedly, the incredible purpose for which they participated has given them the courage and determination to move forward in each stage of this hard journey.

We are left with the experiences of these amazing athletes who without a second thought launched themselves into this tremendous adventure.

In the words of Antonio García, "it is not just a very hard challenge, it is also a unique opportunity to run through one of the most beautiful and magical places on the planet and enjoy sunrises and sunsets that mark your life forever".

Miguel Angel Cayuela in his Facebook account, shares with all his followers three words that perfectly describe the values he takes with him from the race: friendship, companionship and honesty. And continues saying that being part of the MDS2017´s team was a dream come true!

And what to say about Mimi, who has also finished in the 14th place of the individual classification (of 1200 participants from all over the world!). The best position achieved by a Valencian in the Marathon Des Sables.

Photo: @IanCorless

The Hotel Don Pancho is very proud to have participated in this MSD2017 challenge, not only for the excellent results obtained, but also for the solidarity goal pursued by our athletes.

Congratulations champions for your incredible effort throughout the race. We are very proud of you. Bravo!


Hotel Don Pancho

miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Oficial Presentation of the Marathon Des Sables 2017 at Hotel Don Pancho


As we shared in December, the Hotel Don Pancho sponsors the “Asociación Ultrafondo Solidario” in order to carry out the great challenge that is the “Marathon Des Sables (MDS2017)”, in which three athletes from Alicante will face the hardest race of ultra-resistance and self-reliance from next April 6th. Their goal is to raise funds to help children and families with ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism.

(from left to right) Francisco Javier López, Antonio García and Miguel Ángel Cayuela

With the suitcases already prepared to leave for the Sahara desert, the three participating athletes, Antonio García (president of the "ADHD Association - Antonio García”), Miguel Ángel Cayuela (president of the “Asociación Ultrafondo Solidario”), and Francisco Javier López (known by everyone as "Mimi") presented the 32nd edition of this challenge in the Salón Velázquez of our Hotel Don Pancho and explained all the details about this exciting and caring adventure. This team is the only one participating from the Valencia Region and the only one in Spain with a social commitment.

The introduction was held by the CEO of the Don Pancho Group, Francisco J. Quiles, who insisted on the importance of the event, highlighting the permanent commitment of this hotel to sports, to the city of Benidorm, Tourism and solidarity. Then the protagonists of the event took the floor.

D. Francisco J. Quiles, CEO Don Pancho Group

Firstly, Francisco Javier Lopez explained that the “Marathon des Sables” is one of the most demanding competitions in the world, where runners have to live for a week in an inhospitable environment and run 250 km carrying their own provisions and a backpack containing food, a sleeping bag, household goods and other materials, facing their own fears and insecurities. We could watch a video of the previous year's edition, which undoubtedly left all the attendees overwhelmed by the harshness of this race. "A real adventure for elite runners where the important thing is not their legs, but the will to move on, especially for the goal that is pursued," said Mimi.

For his part, Miguel Ángel Cayuela spoke about the solidarity challenges carried out by his association, as they raise funds by running for children's causes, and about the enthusiasm and dedication he has devoted to this new challenge, which is undoubtedly one of the most difficult to face.

The presentation ended with the intervention of Antonio García, who drived from San Vicente del Raspeig to present his association, which seeks to raise awareness among people about disorders such as ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism, and how these initiatives are tremendously useful for the children and their families.

The event was attended by the Benidorm’s Acting Mayor and Councilor for Culture and Sports Ms. Ana Pellicer, the General Director of Tourism of the Valencian Government Ms. Raquel Huete and the Councilor for Sports of San Vicente del Raspeig José Luis Lorenzo, among other personalities.

Ms. Raquel Huete, General Director of Tourism of the Valencia Government 

Ms. Ana Pellicer Pérez, Acting Mayor of Benidorm

At the Hotel Don Pancho we feel fully identified with this purpose and of course we will inform you about the evolution of the race. Good luck to the whole team, we are with you!

Hotel Don Pancho