viernes, 28 de julio de 2017

Do you know about our loyalty program #DonPanchoHappyPoints?

Earn points, and save on your next stay!

In this post we will explain all the details you need to know to get the most out of your holiday thanks to our Happy Points. Shall we start?

¿What is #DonPanchoHappyPoints?
Don Pancho HAPPY POINTS is a loyalty program created to reward all guests, like you, who chose our hotel repeatedly.

Do I need to sign up?

There is no need to sign up. We automatically register you when processing your reservation. In addition, you won’t need any membership card. We take care of everything here. This leaves you free to just relax and enjoy your vacation!

What goods & services earn points?
All goods & services paid directly to the hotel such as food and drinks automatically earn points. It is important to know that these services need to be charged to the room in order to earn points.

But there is more… guests who book directly with the hotel also earn points on the full cost of their accommodation. More points, more savings. 

Do I earn more points if I book directly with the hotel? 
The answer is Yes. As we explained above, guests who book directly with the hotel through our web or telephone +34 96 585 29 50, benefit the most, as every Euro spent on the actual accommodation itself earns points. And direct guests can apply the discount towards the cost of their next accommodation at our hotel.


* Points to Euros ratio is approximate and subject to change

What will the discounts apply towards?
Discounts apply to hotel goods & services such as food and drinks. Guests who book directly with the hotel can also apply the discount towards the cost of their next actual accommodation.

When do I receive my discount?
The discount is applied on the guests’ next stay. The discount will appear automatically on the guests' bill at the time of checkout. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our front desk staff.

Do the points expire?
Happy Points expire after 14 months, enough time for you to return to visit us, to visit your family in Benidorm, your family Don Pancho.


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