miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

Hotel Don Pancho, more Don Pancho than ever

Francesc Colomer, Regional Secretary of Tourism of the Generalitat Valenciana, and Antonio Perez, mayor of Benidorm participated yesterday, along with others, at the official reopening of the Hotel Don Pancho.

The Don Pancho group CEO, Francisco Quiles, made an emotional journey through the history of the hotel reminding its founder, Don Manuel Torrubia a pioneering and innovative spirit that inspired the creation of the hotel in Benidorm 1972.

Colomer, Regional Secretary of Tourism of the Valencian Community, called remodeling the hotel as "a shining example that the best plan against uncertainty is risk. Today, Benidorm and the Valencian Community are much stronger than yesterday. "

The mayor of Benidorm, Antonio Perez, also gave words of congratulations to the team and the property management , for carrying out the transformation of the building "without causing inconvenience to the city of Benidorm and barely stopping  it´s activity, and therefore, generating wealth, jobs and possibilities, to come back even much stronger. 

Don Pancho Hotel is the flagship of the magnificent hotel plant we have in Benidorm. "

The Hotel Don Pancho has just reopened its doors after six months of work with bookings exceeding 90% for this season. 255 rooms fully renovated, along with the facade, facilities and common areas, bars and restaurant. 

Of course, their commitment to service excellence remains intact. As summarized Francisco Quiles, " Hotel Don Pancho is now more Don Pancho than ever."

Hotel Don Pancho

jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016

Once more year, Benidorm will have three blue flags in their beaches

From last June, one out of every six blue flags in the world will flutter in Spain, in one of the 586 beaches and 100 harbours chosen this year.

Once again, the most regarded region in Spain with the greatest number of flags is Valencia: 125, five more than last year. It is a quality recognition of their water for swimming and the associated services which offer the tourist Valencian towns.

In the national ranking, Alicante is leading, as it is placed in first position with 75 blue flags (62 in beaches and 13 in harbours), 11% of the total numebr in Spain. Moreover, there are four beaches in Alicante which have won the award for the last 30 consecutive editions: Calpe, Alfás del Pi, El Campello and San Juan.

In the city of Benidorm, one of the most important destination for beach vacations in Spain, could not miss this honour. Three of their beaches have been awarded in 2016.

The popular and crowded Levante Beach, just 5 minutes away from the Hotel Don Pancho, reaches 2000 metres and is a protected urban beach with promenade, mainly made of golden sand.

Its position allows you to enjoy the sun until late afternoon, which makes it the favourite beach for tourists from abroad.

It stands out because of its security and rescue presence services and for offering all the needs for you to feel comfortable: hammock service, footbath, walkways or swings and play area for children, as well as access for people with reduced mobility.

On the other end of the harbor you will find Poniente beach. It is more than 3 km long, quitter than Levante beach and is the favourite beach for national tourists who come to Benidorm.

This beach outstands because of its wide range of entertainment services and facilities, one of the categories which should be taken into account in order to get the blue flag award.

Poniente has floating platforms, library on the beach, games for children, sport games, shadowed areas for reading and it is also completely accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Between the two biggest urban beaches in Benidorm, Levante and Poniente, is located the small bay of Mal Pas, between the headland Punta Canfali and the harbor. It reaches just 120 metres of fine golden beach and its quiet atmosphere makes it one of the most charming places in Benidorm.

In front of the Mal Pas you will find the Benidorm Island, which has an important marine reserve known as La Llosa, perfect for those who love diving. Because of its cleanliness and other various reasons, Mal Pas bay has been awarded the blue flag since 1987.

The criteria to get the blue flag are based on four different aspects: security control, quality of their water, information, environmental education and the services and facilities they offer.

Levante, Poniente or Mal Pas, three wonderful beaches with blue flag that you can enjoy in Benidorm, and all of them a short walk from the Hotel Don Pancho. Could you imagine anything better for a dream holiday?

Hotel Don Pancho
Hotel 4 Stars Benidorm

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

The Hotel Don Pancho Fine Tuning Program

Hotel Don Pancho Fine Tuning Program

We are ready to open our doors again! Finally, after months of hard work, the Hotel Don Pancho is ready to welcome guests and offer them the best of the best! New facilities, new services ... and, as always, the best customer service.

Our top priority has always been to provide our visitors tan unforgettable experience during their stay in our hotel. For this reason, and to ensure that everything runs smoothly in this new stage, the Hotel Don Pancho Team carried out an innovative and original initiative: the Hotel Don Pancho Fine Tuning Program.

This program was a challenge, but it was worth it. In order to ensure that, following the refurbishment, everything was working properly, during this last week we selected a diverse group of discerning guests who stayed at the hotel, testing our ability to continue to offer the best service along with completely renovated facilities.

The selected guests, relatives of hotel staff and various professionals with extensive travel experience and a great critical eye, were committed to the success of this project. Thus, over several days they tested every aspect of the hotel, noting every detail ... positive and negative, as our goal was to correct possible mistakes and avoid them in the future.

The feel of the new sheets, quality of the tableware, comfort of the beds, design and comfort of the renovated rooms, to the functionality of the bathrooms ... Everyday, these intrepid visitors looked closely at the New Hotel Don Pancho, commenting with maximum objectivity on all aspects, good and bad, that caught their attention.

The common areas like the pool, chill out terrace, restaurant and bars were also analyzed from a practical point of view and also from the quality of service. The buffet, snacks, drinks, entertainment and all of the rooms underwent examination and, if there was a defect, we took note of it and corrected it immediately.

But the Fine Tuning of the Hotel Don Pancho Program did not stop there. Our staff also participated in this program, having the opportunity to adapt their work to new facilities and detecting whether there was any error or difficulty and thereafter establishing the means to solve any issue.

It has been a great experience that has enabled us to overcome incidents and has helped us improve. Now we can say that we are completely ready to offer an unforgettable holiday, anticipating the needs of our customers and improving their expectations.

Commissioning a thorough and comprehensive program, we enjoyed learning from our special guests. We are grateful for their dedication, and we hope to see them again soon, along with you, in the New Hotel Don Pancho.

We are awaiting you!

Hotel Don Pancho