jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

Hotel Don Pancho, example of touristic quality.

The Benidorm Hotel Industry Association, Costa Blanca and Comunitat Valenciana  has published an article about the Quality Management at the hotel in Benidorm Don Pancho.

The Don Pancho is an example of quality of service in all its meaning, a hotel that is a reference due to its years of experience, a hotel with a very clear commitment to satisfy its clients as time goes by, and using the key elements in customer service, personalized service, great human resources, comfortable facilities, maintained, and always intended to stay optimized to satisfy the customer’s stay.

All this philosophy has been accompanied, with the fact that in the summer of 1998 the hotel was certified with the Q Tourism Quality Standard (at that time the ICHE,Institute for Quality Hotels in Spain, later integrated in the ICTE), this was established to distinguish hotels who decided to differentiate their service under a quality system management, specific to the sector and to demonstrate the concern for customer service, and for a continuous improvement.

And  the hotel has been adapting to changes during these 15 years, and the Q standard , now UNE 182001:2008, (Requirements for the provision of service in hotels and apartments), with appropriate modifications, that year after year continue supporting the Q Certification.

The effort and determination to show that all the hotel services are coordinated, and have information feedback on the level of presentation, is made in such a way that the customer has the guarantee that he is always satisfied with his expectations of the service, and why not, always trying to improve them .

Occupancy levels, the degree of customer loyalty, and professionalism of all the staff of the hotel, make the Q hallmark has the luck that  iconic and consolidated hotels in Benidorm with this carreer, continue backing on it, and provides that the certification keeps making an impact at their doorstep with all the guarantees of its validity.

lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

The Mediterranean Miniatures’ Fair takes place in March at the Hotel Don Pancho.

This year, as in previous years, the Mediterranean Miniatures’ Fair will take place in the facilities of the hotel in Benidorm Don Pancho on the 9th and 10th of March.

The city of Benidorm hosts, as in previous years, the Mediterranean Miniatures’ Fair. This unique exhibition is a public display of pieces made by artisans of miniatures from various categories and topics. This show takes place in the exhibition facilities of the hotel in Benidorm Don Pancho.

What does this exhibition show?
Master craftsmen from different parts of Spain present their little works of art in this exhibition, with the aim of bringing to the public, the curiosities of this singular art world, which is to make small-scale everyday objects.

This exhibition not only brings together amateurs and curious visitors, but also gather at the Don Pancho hotel during these days  professionals and collectors seeking special objects or inspiration to create new artforms in miniature.

Besides the fair provides an opportunity for artisans to expose not only their works, but also the way they do their work and how to adapt it to various projects.

During the fair, they show miniature furniture, such as Victorian or Colonial, all kinds of decorative items such as paintings, lamps, tableware or people and animals. It's amazing to get to see some miniature objects that come to surprise every visitor.

When can I visit it?
The fair takes place at the Hotel Don Pancho Benidorm. These miniature marvels can be visited on the 9th of March from 10h30 to 20h30 and on the 10th of March from 11h to 18h30. The entrance has a cost of 3.5 € for adults, and children under 12 have free admission. The entrance for two days costs 6 euros.

Who are the exhibitors?
The main exhibitors already defined in this 2013 edition are:
Revista miniaturas. (The Miniature magazine)
Mikukades. Costume juwelery, rustic furniture and miniatures
Mini alta costura. Mini haute couture,exclusive dresses for collectors and accessories for doll houses.
Candi Martin artisans miniaturess, meals and kitchen accessories.
Mati's Corner, miniature scenes and miniature accessories.
Viti’s flea market, all sorts of merchandise.
Mariví Sacristan, all sorts of merchandise.
Gallinila, textile, household goods.
La Rosita, lighting, ceramics, all sorts of merchandise.
Boreal miniatures, textiles, sewing merchandise.
Vistiendo sueños (wearing deams), sewing merchandise, all sorts of goods

Don Pancho
Hotel in Benidorm

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

The hotel Don Pancho in Benidorm increases its presence in social media.

The hotel Don Pancho opens some new social network profiles to secure the communication with its clients.

The hotel Don Pancho has started a new strategy to increase and consolidate its presence in social media.
This strategy is not only based in appearing in these networks, this hotel in Benidorm is determined to have an active presence in them.

The main target is to increase the communication channels with its present and potential customers.

Customers' evolution
With the creation of social networks, customers have change from somebody that could only absorb and select the information that was given to someone that is totally active in that information and has a lot of power.

Nowadays, customers have the ability of taking all the decisions and can influence importantly in a business, product or service reputation. Social networks are the main tools that clients use to obtain and share information.

The 2.0 customers are a very important part of how a business, make or product can build a good reputation online.

Businesses evolution
With the appearance of social networks, businesses had to change the way they focus things. Nowadays, it does not enter anybody's mind that a business has not got a presence on the Internet if it wants to survive. Businesses' presence in social networks is more than necessary.

Although, just being present in this kind of channels is not enough. The behaviour of the 2.0 customers makes necessary that businesses take a more active role in social networks.

Businesses must update their information; share it with their followers and with other businesses from their same sector. They should realize that social networks are a new way of communication that goes direct to their clients. Consequently, they must know what is being written in real time and participate of these comments to create a feeling of mutual collaboration, converting them in a 2.0 business.

The 2.0 business is the other important part to build a reputation online for a business, make or product.

Social Media is the way
Using the words 'social networks' we are referring to all the Internet sites focus on the creation of communities with a specific finality as, for example, getting old friends together, work colleagues, customers of a certain product, people that enjoy travelling or doing exercise, etc.

These networks have become the main tool to increase business reputation. There are loads of examples of tools that are updating their content with this finality, for example, the business profiles is Facebook, Google + or Twitter, as well as some other sites directly focus on the online reputation of some specific sectors, like TripAdvisor, Ciao, etc.

Hotel Don Pancho in the main social networks
The hotel Don Pancho increases its presence in the main social networks with the target of bettering the communication with its present and potential customers.
With this finality they have created new business profiles in Facebook, Twitter and Google + as well as a blog: hotel-benidorm.blogspot.com. Considering that it is one of the well-known hotels in Benidorm it has been included in some multimedia websites such as Youtube or some picture sharing sites as Pinterest or Flickr.

Don Pancho
Hotel in Benidorm