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Benidorm, Christmas’ Main Destination.

Benidorm is once  again  the main tourist destination chosen by the Spanish travelers to spend Christmas and New Year. According to a report by TripAdvisor, the Levantine capital is the third most popular destination for Spanish to spend New Year’s Eve, after London and Paris, being, therefore, the main national destination.

Apart from the good weather and the wide range of accommodation in Benidorm at Christmas, price is very important when choosing a destination. Although the end of the year is considered to be high season, prices of hotels in Benidorm are below other top tourist spots. All this has made that many establishments in Benidorm already have a high volume of bookings for New Year’s Eve, and some of them are expected to be at full occupancy.

Where to stay in Benidorm for New Year’s Eve?

To stay in Benidorm on New Year’s Eve, both domestic and international tourists, have many alternatives tailored to their tastes and budgets. The vast majority of the hotels in Benidorm offer their customers the possibility of attending a gala dinner. Enjoying New Year’s Eve at a hotel in Benidorm can be a unique experience.

Many hotels have a special Gala menu available for guests that include delicious dishes and desserts.
During the dinner, many hotels have live entertainment included as well.  This can include a single musician, singer or even a full orchestra. After the special Gala dinner, hotels organize more live entertainment for guests which is aimed to have them dancing and enjoying this very special evening.  Party favors, “cotillion” in Spanish, are available at the hotel so guests can bring in the New Year making noise and wearing funny hats!

Most hotels in Benidorm also give each guest 12 grapes, as it is a Spanish tradition.  A grape must be eaten each second (twelve seconds before the New Year) before midnight. The tradition states that if you are able to fit all twelve grapes in your mouth, then you will have good luck in the upcoming year.

Another accommodation option for Christmas holidays in Benidorm this year are the apartments, which offer the amenities of other establishments and the independence that gives a “home out of home”. In New-Year’s Eve, many apartments offer a package including disco tickets or discounts at different parties in Benidorm.

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A Recipe From Our Chef

Chef Paco and the team share how to make a typical Spanish Omlette. In Spain this is called a "Tortilla de Patata". Try it at home, it's easy and delicious!

Recipe: Spanish Tortilla (Spanish potato omlette)


4 large sour potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
8 large eggs
½ large onion, chopped
1/2 pint of mild olive oil. (The equivalent of two glasses of water)
Salt to taste


Heat 4 tablespoons of oil in a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Fry potatoes for 10 minutes. Add onion and allow to simmer another 5 minutes.

Beat the eggs in a large bowl.  Take the potato/onion mixture out of the skillet (make sure most of the excess oil is not included) and add it to the bowl with your eggs.  Mix well.

Heat a tablespoon of oil in a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add the egg mixture to the skillet and simmer, without stirring, for 10 minutes.

Place a large plate over the pan and invert. Pass the tortilla to the plate. The cooked side should be golden and upward. Carefully slide the tortilla to the skillet and cook the other side for 5-10 minutes.

Hotel Don Pancho's New Superior Rooms

Celebrating something extra-special during your upcoming stay with us... a birthday, wedding anniversary or a honeymoon?  Or maybe you just like the finer things.  If you want to be extra-spoiled during your next vacation at the Hotel Don Pancho, we have exactly what you are looking for.  Our hotel is pleased to announce that we have a new category of guestrooms available.

Don Pancho’s Superior Rooms are located on the upper floors of the hotel (10 and above).   These rooms offer the best views of Levante beach and are richly appointed with upscale amenities and furnishings.  Complemented by the comfort of luxurious bedding with a duvet comforter, guests staying in Superior Guest Rooms enjoy in-room tea and coffee facilities, fresh water delivered daily to their rooms, as well as larger 39” flat screen televisions.

In addition to the amenities of our Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms feature:
Location in the Upper Floors of the Hotel
Fantastic Sea Views
Premium Welcome Pack
Bathrobe and Slippers
Kettle with Tea and Coffee Service
Fresh Water Delivered Daily
Deluxe Bedding and Furnishings
Larger 39" Flat Screen TV

Interested?  Contact us ( or +34 965852950) and we will upgrade your room for an additional 10€per person per night.

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Halloween in Benidorm

Halloween night is coming and Benidorm is a perfect place to enjoy a special evening of fear and fun. Most hotels in Benidorm celebrate Halloween in a special way.  Nightclubs and discos also propose specific plans to enjoy this big night of terror.
But what is the origin of Halloween?

Origin of Halloween 
Almost everyone has in mind the image   of Anglo costumes, to trick-or-treat  to our  neighbors house, etc.;   but what is the origin of Halloween?

Its roots come from a Celtic festival: Samhain, the end of the harvest season, where they began a new year. The Celtic tradition was assimilated by other cultures and religions and it has been said that the Irish immigrants brought the tradition to the New World.

In Spain it is known as the night previous to the Feast of All Saints, celebrated on November 1. The All Saints Day is a Catholic tradition that was established to compensate for any holy celebration in honor of any saint throughout the year.  Over time the night before this celebration was well known as the night of the dead one, very similar to the Anglo custom.

 Why spend Halloween weekend in Benidorm? 
In Benidorm you can enjoy all year round its warm Mediterranean climate, which thanks to the excellent temperature allows you to spend nice days full of sun and beach or to take advantage of the wonderful tourist attractions that the city of Benidorm offers.

Also, for Halloween  weekend, there are many special events  organized. It is a weekend in which families with children or young people find all kinds of activities to take part in.
Special Halloween Activities in Benidorm

The zoo, Terra Natura Benidorm, offers (from October 9 to November 3) several children's activities especially tailored for families with children who want to partake in fun makeup and  candy  workshops (included in the  admission price).

For large and small, the Terra Mitica theme park is dressed in Halloween since October 4 and all shows and activities are organized to scare visitors: covens, tales from the crypt or the Grand Parade Halloween are just some of the many attractions these days can be enjoyed in the park.

For those who wants to  be scared and a have  good time dancing, all clubs in Benidorm have prepared special Halloween parties with costume contests, "scary" drinks and  an atmosphere where everyone should enjoy a fun night out.

Moreover, most  hotels and campsites offer their guests Halloween parties, costume awards and more on this special night.

Where to stay in Benidorm in Halloween?
The accommodation in Benidorm is extensive and it has the possibility to adapt to all tastes, needs
and possibilities.

Hostels or pensions; caravans and bungalows at camping or hotels in Benidorm an offer for all tastes and pockets.  Very comfortable accommodation, freedom of movement and the ability to be in touch with nature while enjoying all the tourist attractions Benidorm offers.  It is a very good option if you are traveling with family or a group of friends.

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The Easy and Affordable Way to Book A Holiday In Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the most visited holiday spots in Europe. It is easy to book an inexpensive holiday in Benidorm by following a few simple steps.

Finding the Most Inexpensive Plane Ticket for Your Holiday 

There are a few different ways to purchase an inexpensive airline ticket.  Booking in advance and being flexible with your dates will grant you the biggest advantages when it comes to getting the best deals as you will be able to take advantage of special deals and promotions.  The more flexible you are with your dates, the greater your advantage.  Start looking for your flight about 40 days before your estimated departure date or look for last minute deals in order to experience the biggest savings.

You can book directly with an airline via their webpage or by calling them directly.  Another way to find the best deal is to use an online travel agent (OTA), like Kayak or Skyscanner.  These OTA’s search flights based on your travel dates and will offer you a list of the available carriers that fly to Alicante Airport (El Altet). Nowadays, this is the most common way to book a flight. After finding the flight of your choice on the OTA’s website, it is also a good idea to go to directly to the airlines website to see if you can find the same flight at a lower price, as OTA’s sometimes add a service charge.

Booking a Hotel Room is as Easy as Buying the Newspaper

There are various ways to book a hotel including contacting the hotel of your choice directly or by booking with an Online Travel Agent (OTA).  The OTA offers travellers a list of all available hotels during the dates of travel requested.  As with the airplane tickets, these webpages can be helpful as they give you a list of all available accommodations, prices and filters which allow you to compare and decide which hotel suits you best.

Once you decide on the hotel, booking directly on the hotels site typically proves as the most
affordable option.  Most hotels give benefits to guests whom book directly with them in lieu of through an OTA.  Some benefits of booking direct usually include: no cancellations fees, no deposits and zero administration fees.

For example, in order to reserve a room at the Hotel Don Pancho you can simply call +34 965 852 950, write an email specifying your travel dates, number of guests and rooms required to or  book online using our webpage.

Follow these 5 simple steps to book on our website:
1) Go to and in the search box, select your date of arrival, date of departure, the number of rooms you would like and how many adults and children will be staying in those rooms.
2)  Click the Search button and all available rooms types, meal plans and prices will be displayed.
3) Select the room(s) and the meal plan you would like and click select.
4) Add any additional services you would like to your reservation such as parking.
5) The last step is adding your personal details needed to make the reservation (name, credit card, etc).

The Hotel Don Pancho offers guests who book directly with the hotel the following benefits:

  • Zero Administration Fees. No administration costs are applied. The price that you see on our website is the final price.  
  • Free Cancellation. Cancel at any time and without any cancelation fees.
  • No Deposit Required. Zero deposit is required for guests who book through our website.
  • Pay at the Hotel. No prior payment is required, pay directly at the hotel.
  • Welcome Drink. Enjoy a free drink at any of our bars when you book for at least 3 nights.
  • Free Tickets to the Benidorm Palace. Receive 2 tickets to the Benidorm Palace (including a free drink) when you book your stay for at least 3 nights.

Going from the Airport to the Hotel is Simple

There are several ways of getting from the airport to your hotel once you arrive at Alicante’s El Altet Airport. You have the option of going by bus, hotel shuttle service or taxi.

Several bus companies offer a scheduled service throughout the day from the Alicante Airport terminal to the centre of Benidorm. For example, Alsa has a scheduled bus each hour from the airport to Benidorm and it costs less than 10€.  These bus tickets can be booked online or bought directly at the bus. Another possibility is Flybus, which can offer very cheap tickets if booked in advance.

Some hotels offer their guests a shuttle service to and from the airport. Ask your hotel if they can provide this service as this will probably be the least expensive option.

Last but not least, you can always hire a taxi to Benidorm.  This is the most expensive way to travel from the airport to your hotel yet most likely the most convenient and comfortable option.

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The History of Benidorm and The Hotel Don Pancho

Prior to the 1960s, Benidorm was a small fishing village with less than 3000 inhabitants.  The success of the fishing industry, together with improved local agriculture, helped to fuel a strong local economy. Coastal traffic increased too, bringing more wealth to the region.

In 1952 the Benidorm fishing industry went into decline; a factor that encouraged the town council to approve many new development plans aimed to encourage tourism. In 1956, Mayor Pedro Zaragoza Orts succeeded in getting the town councils approval of Spain’s first General Urban Development Plan which included authorization of vertical construction (high-rise) in lieu horizontal construction typically seen throughout the coasts of Spain.

Vertical construction insured that coastal views would be guaranteed for most of the city instead of just the beachfront buildings.  The council also decided to build large avenues instead of small streets in order to accommodate large influxes of tourists. Pedro Zaragoza Orts is considered as a visionary by many historians and tourism economists for the project he designed for a town that just had its beaches as a tourism resource.

In the mid 1960’s Benidorm changed drastically as Swedish and British tourists arrived seeking good weather and low-priced accommodations. At this time they arrived via Manises airport in Valencia, until 1967, when Alicante Airport (El Altet) was opened.

In 1975 the A-7 highway was opened which allowed for Benidorm to be connected with all of Spain and Europe.  The arrival of tourists from Spain, Sweden, U.K, Holland, France Germany, etc. led to the necessity to build more hotels.  Strangely enough, before 1970, there were only a handful of hotels available in Benidorm yet due to this massive demand over 100 hotels were built between 1970 and 1975.  The Hotel Don Pancho was one of the hotels in Benidorm built during this period of massive growth.

The Name Don Pancho
The Torrubia family is originally for Benidorm, and all of them, are in love with their city.  Their passion for tourism led the Torrubia brothers to launch a long-desired dream; the construction of a landmark upscale hotel.  Thus was born the Hotel Don Pancho, one of the first four star hotels in the city, located just a few meters from the beach, and donned with an exclusive character. They wanted a prestigious hotel that would give a different kind of quality and exclusivity to its guests.

The story that gave the hotel its name is also very important to the family. The great-grandfather of the brothers who founded the hotel was a sailor who traveled the world, and on one of his trips to the Philippines he became infatuated with a woman named Panchita, very different from any woman he had met before. He asked her to return with him to his hometown, Benidorm, and she was delighted.

Panchita had a brilliant personality, lush beauty, and had very pronounced cheekbones and an uncommon magnetism. She always wore white, wielding giant hand-held fans, also white as she was superstitious, and flaunted smoking big cigars. Panchita was unique and very ahead of her time.

What at first was reluctance soon turned into acceptance and she was embraced amongst the population of the city, despite her different customs. Over time everyone adored her and went on to nickname her Grandma Panchita. Even decades after her death, Panchita is still remembered thanks to her great personality.

Due to this, when years later the brothers Torrubia founded the hotel they decided to name it Don Pancho in honor of this charismatic and legendary woman who fell in love with the city of Benidorm.

The Legendary Hotel Don Pancho
On May 13th, 1972 the Hotel Don Pancho opened its doors to its first guests.  The 251 room hotel offered fantastic sea views and an upscale setting to its guests. On the day of the inauguration a rare appearance was made by Spain’s Minister of Tourism, Señor Sanchez Bella. In fact, The Don Pancho is the only hotel in Benidorm which has ever been inaugurated by Spain’s Minister of Tourism.

The Don Pancho has hosted guests including famous bullfighters, actors, singers, and entertainers from around the globe. Some of the most famous people to stay at the Don Pancho are actor Terry Savalas and singer Julio Iglesias.

Hotel Don Pancho
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Beaches and small bays in Benidorm

The beaches and the small bays in Benidorm are two of the main touristic attractions in the city: clean and well looked after areas, with fine sand and easy access. Here you can find the Mediterranean Sea in all its splendour, that is why mainly all the apartments and hotels in Benidorm are facing the sea.

Blue flags in Benidorm
The blue flag is an award that is given as recognition for the cleanness, water quality, accessibility, services, security and environmental respect in the beaches and aquatic areas everywhere around the world. We have three different blue flags in Benidorm: Levante beach, Mal Pas small bay and Poniente beach.

The Levante beach, with its two kilometers length of urban beach, is located next to the Benidorm promenade. We can say that it is the most well-known beach for the tourists that come to Benidorm. It has services that will make your beach day easier like walkways and healthcare points, as well as services that will help you have a funnier day: children playgrounds, beach library or the first cable-ski in Europe.

The Mal Pas small bay is the perfect place for those who want a quieter area to spend a day (and night) on the beach. It is located in the Old Town area, in between the Canfali end and the harbour. It separates the two big beach in Benidorm, the Levante beach and The Poniente beach. Photograph lovers will get incredible views either during the day or night in the Mal Pas small bay.

The third beach with blue flag in Benidorm is the Poniente beach, the other long beach in the city. Normally it is not as crowded as the Levante beach. It has easy access from the promenade and it is the perfect place to enjoy the Mediterranean sunset.

Benidorm small bays, good for those looking for some tranquility
In the Northern area of Benidorm, at the foot of Sierra Helada, you can find two different small bays where
the tourist will be able to enjoy the sea without suffering a crowded beach like the big ones in town: Cala 'Tio Ximo' and Cala 'La Almadrava'. They are a bit far from town, but, at the same time, close to the Rincón de Loix where you can find nearly all the campsites in Benidorm, as well as, leisure areas, bars and coffee shops.

Both of these small bays are in the Sierra Helada area, so you can enjoy a different experience in a smaller beach than the Levante or Poniente ones with rocks and fine sand too. On top of that, either the Tio Ximo small bay or the La Almadrava one will be the perfect place for the snorkel lovers, their clean waters are really appreciated by the beginners and the expert divers.

Either for a nice swim, for sports or for the ones that enjoy going out...any tourist that comes to Benidorm will find in its beaches or small bays what he has been looking for and will be able to enjoy clean, accessible and well look after areas.

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viernes, 1 de agosto de 2014

The Hotel Don Pancho is pleased to announce that as of today the hotel will offer free WIFI to all guests.

The Hotel Don Pancho has listened to the requests of its customers and is pleased to announce that as of today the hotel will offer free WIFI to all guests.

The Hotel Don Pancho offers its customers a secure WIFI network so they can connect their devices safely. The connection is always made via a username and password customized for each client, so that the connection is protected against fraudulent usage from users outside the hotel.

To enjoy this service for free, the customer simply has to request this free service at reception. To process the application is necessary that the client provide their email address in order to register it in the system and obtain a username and password to connect their devices to the hotel wireless network.

This is one of the new improvements the Hotel Don Pancho is implementing in order to offer their customers a service that continually exceeds their expectations. The hotel's primary goal is the continuous improvement of the quality service provided, as it has always been characterized by not only by its excellent location and facilities, but mainly for its excellence in customer service.

Hotel Don Pancho
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Travelers, more information about their rights thanks to a new app

The basement of the communitarian information campaign 'Your rights on your hand' is to help the consumers to know their rights before, during and after a journey.

To achieve that, the European Commission has created a free Smartphone application where all the travelers can consult any doubts about their rights when they are travelling. This new application (ECC Net Travel App) works without internet connection and it is available in 25 different languages for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Sometimes, when travelers are arranging all the details for a holiday in Benidorm or when they have a problem in their destination they find out that they do not have enough information on how to short the problem out or do not know who can help them. For all these situations, the Net Travel App created by the European Commission has a useful information section where you can find all the steps to follow if you want to cancel a flight or you have lost your luggage in any of the European airports for example.

On top of that and always thinking in the tourists travelling around the European Union, the application offers a list of emergency numbers and necessary contact details in every country so the traveler can use them in case of emergency or serious problem if they do not know who to turn to.

This project presented by the European consume Commissioner, Neven Mimica, expects to be another tool to make the travelers mobility easier, to help consumers fight for their rights and to be 'the perfect travel companion' for all of those that are traveling and do not really know what their rights are as consumers.

The application Net Travel App that you can download in the European Commission web page  has been focus on the passengers’ rights in transport. It started with plains and trains and it has been updated with buses and maritime transport too.

What rights do I have while travelling?
There are loads of doubts that may come to us while travelling: flights cancelations, change of timetable, etc.
The Net Travel App divides them in: Air, Train, Sea Transport, Bus and Luggage. Loosing or miss lading the luggage is one of the usual questions and with this new app you will be able to find out what to know and what steps to follow if you need to claim. Some other usual questions are delays, cancelations and timetable changes. Through this application the traveler will get all the necessary information to act about it.

Other rights that the travelers can claim before travelling and that you can find in this application are for example the assistance that the reduced mobility person can get in some travelling companies or the insurances.

Hotel Don Pancho ****
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martes, 10 de junio de 2014

The Don Pancho hotel obtains the 2014 TripAdvisor Excellence Certificate

TripAdvisor has given the 2014 Excellence Certificate to the Don Pancho hotel, which puts the hotel in between the 10% of the businesses with the best results in this portal all around the world.

Every year this recommendations and travel web page gives its Excellence awards to those businesses which get the best opinions and recommendations from their clients. The Don Pancho hotel has been award with this certificate for the second year round which shows that the effort has its results on our clients' satisfaction.

What does TripAdvisor value with its Excellence Certificate?

Christine Petersen, President of TripAdvisor for Business, says that the Excellence Certificates are 'the recognition for all the businesses that offer a great experience as a client to the TripAdvisor travelers’.

The most well-known travel opinion web site in the world has a space for the tourists and visitors so they can give their opinion and rate all the businesses with a profile in this portal. To get the Excellence Certificate the business must have a global rate of four points over five, recent and popular opinions and a high amount of positive comments in its profile.

The businesses with the best rates in every destination will get the top positions in the TripAdvisor ranking.

Don Pancho hotel, proud of getting the 2014 Excellence Certificate

All the prizes are always welcome with pride, but the TripAdvisor one is really 'appreciated' for all the businesses, because it rewards the good work and the recognition of their clients.

This 4* hotel in Benidorm, Don Pancho, is proud of this award. It is a response to the clients' satisfaction for all the hard work and the consequence of the continuous bettering in the hotel services. This certificate is the recognition of the ones that really count, in this case, the hotel guests.

Hotel Don Pancho
4* Hotel in Benidorm

viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Benidorm casino , a new attractive for the gambling lovers in Benidorm

Benidorm is a city with a wide number of tourist attractions: sun and beach, aquatic sports, gastronomy, night leisure...

And now, the opening of a new casino that will delight the gambling lovers or anyone that wants to get a new experience on his holiday in Benidorm. The Benidorm casino will be open for the summer, if everything goes as planned.

'Casino Mediterráneo', a reference in the gambling sector
After having a casino in Alicante and another one in Orihuela, Casino Mediterráneo can be considered a reference in the gambling sector.

This third new opening in the Mediterranean Avenue in Benidorm will give the change to any person that likes this kind of entertainment to find a special place to enjoy in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

The new casino will offer every normal activity that you can find in this kind of complex: slot machines, casino gambling tables, poker room and pool betting. It will have a special area for national and international poker competitions, which is a very popular activity at the moment.

Mediterranean Avenue, an exceptional area to enjoy in Benidorm
The new casino will be located in the Mediterranean Avenue, one of the main roads in the whole town. Many of the most well-known hotels in Benidorm are located in this same avenue, apart from restaurants, cafeterias and lounge bars that will increase the leisure options for the casino visitors. The main benefit that this location will bring to the Casino Mediterráneo is the proximity to high quality hotel rooms for the visitors to enjoy.

The area where the casino will be located is only a few meters away from the Levante Beach. This urban
beach is one of the most renowned beaches in Europe where you will be able to get the sun and the pleasant weather of Benidorm all year round.

The Levante Beach counts with all the necessary to have a beautiful day on the beach and its promenade offers everything a tourist may want: a nice restaurant with the local gastronomy, a relaxing coffee cup watching the sunset or a drink in one of the many night lounge bars you will find. It is a place where you can spend some relaxing, enjoyable and gaming days without losing the comfort.

Hotel Don Pancho

martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Benidorm Island, mystery and legend

The Benidorm Island, 'L'illa' or the Journalists Island is a small islet located at 2 nautical miles from Benidorm city. Due to its location, flora and fauna it is a special touristic attraction for Benidorm.

Nearly all the tourists that come for few days to an apartment or a hotel in Benidorm reserve a day to visit the island; there is no proper break in Benidorm without a visit to the island.

But if there is anything that makes this island different and attractive are the legends about its appearance.

The beginning of the Benidorm Island, legends
All the legends about the beginning of the Benidorm Island consider that it is a piece from the 'Puig Campana', a mountain located 10 kilometers away from the coast in Finestrat. The 'Puig Campana' has a big hole on the top and, normally it is related to a legend.

The Roldán Legend
Roldán was a Charlemagne major, and the main character of the Roldán's chant.
Long time ago, Roldán vented all the fury of his sword in a hand to hand fight with one of his enemies. He hit the 'Puig Campana' so hard that a big piece split and got to the sea. That big piece is the Benidorm Island.

The Bruno History
This other tale is a bit more romantic, it is said that Bruno, a knight in love, found out that his beloved one was very ill. He head for the top of the mountain to find a wizard that was living there. When he finally found the wizard, this one told the knight that he could do nothing to save his love’s life.

At this point you can find two different endings: the first one says that Bruno felt so helpless that he stuck his sword in the mountain, and, the second one explains that the knight, facing the imminent death of his loved one at sunset, decided to cut a piece of the 'Puig Campana' so the sun will no set. In both endings the piece of mountain will fall in the sea and will become the Benidorm Island. Either way, the legend has a dramatic finale where the knight's beloved dies and Bruno commits suicide sinking his boat in the Benidorm waters.

The Benidorm Island and the giant
The third legend is about a giant that was living in the Puig Campana. He felt in love with a beautiful lady from Finestrat town. As he knew that she will never fall in love with him he decided to kidnap her and took her to the mountain, but all the people from the village got together and rescued her. The giant got so upset that he kicked the mountain and a piece got out of it, arriving to the sea and creating the Benidorm Island.

The true story of the Benidorm Island is in geology
The truth about the Benidorm Island appearance has quiet little of a romantic side, but it still is interesting. All the geological studies that have been made to the island during the years got to the conclusion that the 'Puig Campana' and the Benidorm Island are rocks with different composition, nature and chronology, so there is no connection in between them.

Whilst the 'Puig Campana' dates from the Jurassic period, the island is made of limestone from the Lower Cretaceous period, if we consider this 'in years' we can say that the Benidorm Island is about 5 million years 'younger' than the mountain. Apart from that, numerous geological specialists agree that the Benidorm Island is one of the ends of 'Sierra Gelada', one of the most spectacular littoral ranges that you can find in the Spanish East coast.

The Benidorm Island, worth a visit
The Benidorm Island, as many others, is uninhabited, but you can visit it. Approximately every hour, depending on the weather, there is a ship leaving the Benidorm harbour to the island every day of the year.

During the summer months, you can ship in the Rincon de Loix. For approximately 14 Euros the adults and 11 Euros the children (these are guiding prices, you should confirm them with the shipping company), the company includes a trip in the Aquarium ships or Aqua scope, so you can enjoy the bottom of the sea around the island.

You can also walk around the island and look at the Benidorm bay. You can previously buy the tickets over their web site.

The legends, the sea bottom or the Mediterranean weather, any excuse is good to pay a visit to the Benidorm Island.

jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Easter week in Benidorm, a festival full of tradition

Benidorm is a city that can offer you more than just sun and beach, during the Easter week you can enjoy one of the most dug in traditions in Spain: the processions.

From Friday the 11th 'Viernes de Dolores'(Friday of Sorrows) until Sunday the 20th 'Domingo de Resurrección'(Easter Sunday), there are loads of very special processions that can be seen in Benidorm during the Easter week.

But maybe the real attractive thing of spending the Easter week in Benidorm is the possibility of combining the dug in traditions and the beach, the sun and the large leisure options that a Benidorm Holy Week can offer you.

The processions, the main attraction during the Easter week in Benidorm

Easter is one of the most loved and awaited traditional festival during the year. In Benidorm, you have to add to this its touristic attractive for the foreigners that get surprised with the light, the colours and the penitent outfits, all in velvet and with hood. Every single procession, with its different Passion float, refers to a scene and a character of the Bible showing the Passion Week that Christ suffer until his Death and Resurrection.

The Easter processions history starts in Spain at the end of the Middle Ages when the Franciscan priests started organizing them. Ever since then there have been some changes and times that due to the Spanish particular history these processions stopped or were reduced. Nevertheless, processions still come out on the streets every year, bringing illusion to the believers and an art and colour show for everyone.

One of the processions with more fans in Benidorm is the Maundy Thursday one: The solemn Our Lord Jesus in His agony on the Mount of Olives brotherhood that represents, as seen on its name, the Mount of Olives scene. It is a night procession like nearly all of them and goes round the Benidorm streets starting and finishing in the 'San Juan Bautista' church.

The procession of the Resurrection Sunday is an important one too in Benidorm. The thrones of the Lord and the Virgin come on the streets from the 'San Jaime' church for the Encounter Procession. It is very impressive when it starts early in the morning because of the special light that time a day.

Easter events in Benidorm

There are different religious events over the Easter week in which people can take part. A surprising characteristic about the Spanish eastern coast processions is the palm leaf specially prepare for the processions, you can blessed them in different churches. Other acts that you can enjoy over Easter are the triduums, the Stations of the Cross or attend to the special masses.

Apart from all the religious events, Benidorm will offer another dug in tradition in the Spanish eastern coast for the Easter week: bullfight. For this year 2014 two different festivals have been prepared: one bullfight and a shown on horseback.

Gastronomy, another interesting thing during the Easter week in Benidorm

The Easter week has a 'special flavour'. It is tradition to have a specific cake for tea time. The traditional. 'Mona de Pascua', made with flour, eggs, milk, oil and sugar and topped with a boiled egg. You can find them with plenty of different shapes: circles, animals, extra big... The enormous chocolate eggs are typical too. Another typical dessert on these dates are the 'torrijas', made with stale bread dunk in milk and fried after wards, although this dessert is more typical of the centre area of Spain.

Benidorm Easter programme

Friday 11th of April, FRIDAY OF SORROWS
20’30 h. Church of Nuestra Señora de la Almudena. Announcement of the Holy Week.

Sunday 13h of April, PALM SUNDAY
10´30 h. Ermita de Sanz. Benediction of the Palms followed by a Holy Mass.

11’00 h. Church of Nuestra Señora de la Almudena. Benediction of the Palms and Procession by the surrounding streets, followed by a Holy Mass.

Church of San Jaime. Benediction of the Palms and Procession by the streets Santa Faz, Paseo de la Carretera,Alameda, Mayor and Plaza de San Jaime, followed by a Holy Mass.

Church of San Juan Bautista (La Cala). Benediction of the Palms and Procession by the streets Alfaz del Pi, Santander, Mont-Benidorm, Pajares and Plaza de las Tiendas.

11’30 h. Church of San Francisco de Asís. Benediction of the Palms and Procession, followed by a Holy Mass.

11’45 h. Church of Nuestra Señora del Mar. Benediction of the Palms and Procession, followed by a Holy Mass.

12’00 h. Church of El Buen Pastor. Benediction of the Palms and Procession by the surrounding streets, followed by a Holy Mass.

12’30 h. Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen. Benediction of the Palms and Procession by the surrounding streets, followed by a Holy Mass.

20’30 h. El Buen Pastor Church. Solemn Procession of Our Father Jesus of Health and Humbleness and Our Ladyof the Hope and Peace escorted by the music band “la Primitiva” from Callosa, , the Musical Society Virgen del Sufragio and the National Police of Benidorm.

Itinerary: Church of El Buen Pastor, Puig Campana, Roldán, Almendros, Limones, Maravall, Apolo XI, Jazmín, Plaza de España and Puig Campana, to get back to the Church.

Sunday 13th, Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th of April
19’00 h. Mass sung by the Choir of the Church and triple duet for Our Father Jesus Nazarene. Church of San Jaime.

Monday 14th , Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th of April
19’00 h. Triple duet for the Christ of the Forgiveness and Good Death and Holy Mass. Church of Nuestra Señora de la Almudena.

19’30 h. Holy Mass and Confessions. Church of San Juan Bautista (La Cala).

Wednesday 16th of April, HOLY WEDNESDAY
22’00 h. Solemn Procession by the Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene. Church of San Jaime.

Itinerary: Plaza de San Jaime, Mayor, Alameda, Plaza de la Cruz, Ruzafa, La Biga,Tomás Ortuño, Apolo XI, Almendros, Paseo de la Carretera, Santa Faz and Plaza de San Jaime.

Thursday 17th of April, HOLY THURSDAY

19’30 h. Holy Mass of the Last Supper of the Lord and Ritual Washing of Feet. Church of Nuestra Señora de la Almudena.

19’30 h. Holy Mass of the Last Supper of the Lord. Church of San Juan Bautista (La Cala) and Church of San Jaime.

21’00 h. Solemn Procession of the Silence at the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Almudena with the Brotherhoods of the Last Supper, the Christ of the Forgiveness and Good Death and the Virgin of Sorrow.
Itinerary: Church of la Almudena, Ginés Cartagena, Capitán Cortés, Castellana, Velázquez, Acacias, Goya, Jardines, and Ginés Cartagena, to finish in the Church.

21’00 h. Solemn Procession of the Brotherhood of Our Lord during his Agony at the Olive Trees Mountain.
San Juan Bautista Church (La Cala).

Itinerary: Plaza de las Tiendas, Pajares, Mont-Benidorm, Vicente Llorca Alòs, Murtal, Santander, Mont-Benidorm, Pajares, Plaza de las Tiendas, to get back to the Church.

23’00 h. Holy Hour and Way of the Cross at the Church of San Jaime.

23’00 h. Holy Hour at the Churches of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, San Francisco de Asís and El Buen Pastor

24´00 h. Holy Hour at the Church of San Juan Bautista (La Cala).

01´00 h. Holy Hour at the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Almudena.

Friday 18th of April, GOOD FRIDAY
07’00 h. Procession from San Jaime Church going to Monte Calvario (Old Graveyard), where the Way of the Cross and he Sermon of the Seven Words will take place.

20’30 h. General Procession of the Holy Burial, with all the Brotherhoods, departing at San Jaime Church.

Itinerary: Plaza de San Jaime, Mayor, Alameda, Los Ángeles, Pintor Lozano, Ricardo, Martínez Alejos, Paseo de la Carretera, Santa Faz and Plaza de San Jaime.

23’30 h. Way of the Cross. San Juan Bautista Church (La Cala). Brotherhood of Our Lord during his Agony at the Olive Trees Mountain. Departure from the San Juan Bautista Church going to the Chapel of Our Lady of the Sea (Tossal).

Sunday 20th of April, EASTER SUNDAY
08’00 h. Procession of the Encounter of the Lord and the Virgin. Departure from San Jaime Church.

Afterwards “Embassy”.

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miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

Tapas and canapés competition, an opportunity to enjoy gastronomy in Benidorm

One of the biggest attractions in the Costa Blanca and Benidorm is their gastronomy. Due to the big amount of people from different parts of the world and the different cultures that meet in the city, Benidorm has a wide and delicious gastronomy worth knowing and tasting.

As we can find different ethnic groups living in the city, you can take advance on it through you holidays in Benidorm and have a gastronomic route round the English, Indian, Chinese, Italian ... restaurants. Also in the restaurants of hotels in Benidorm you can find a wide selection of dishes from different cultural origins.

Although the Benidorm own gastronomy and the Mediterranean cuisine are the ones that get normally more followers.

Typical Benidorm dishes

Like many other coast towns, Benidorm is famous due to its rice and fish dishes, quite typical in the Mediterranean cuisine. Two of the tastiest ones are the 'arroz caldoso' (soggy rice) and the 'arroz a banda', which is one of the most typical dishes of the Alicante gastronomy, to prepare it you make a fish broth with the called 'morralla' (small and cheap fishes) and you cook the rice with it. Coming to Benidorm is the perfect excuse to enjoy a good rice dish.

Another Benidorm typical dish is the 'coca farcida', made with flour and oil dough and normally filled in with tomatoes, tuna and peas. The filling can vary depending on the people’s preferences, but is always a tasty and attractive appetizer.

The Benidorm typical sweets and desserts are mainly related with the Christmas time or special dates, as it happens with the Jijona or Alicante turron, although you can have them all year round. In one hand, you have the 'Bollos de San Blas', a dessert made with almonds and with lemon, that is why you can call them 'Bollos de limón' (Lemon sweet bun) also. On the other hand, you can find, mainly in Christmas time, the sweet potato cakes.

Different tapas and canapés, a luxury for your mouth in Benidorm

The gastronomy is a very attractive aspect for tourists and visitors into Benidorm, so taking into consideration the importance it has for the tourism in Benidorm, a Tapas and Canapés competition has being
organize every year. Visitors and residents can enjoy the gastronomy in a different way, but not forgetting the traditional part of it.

The Benidorm Tapas and Canapés competition is celebrating its fourth edition from the 31st of March until the 6th of April. During this week, 27 Benidorm different businesses will offer very high quality tapas for 2€.

Every costumer will be able to vote for his favorite tapa in between the ones he has tried and, at the end of the week, 3 prices will be given: avant-garde tapa or canapé, traditional tapa or canapé and the special price from the public.

You can use this phone number: 626357507 to vote for your favorite tapa or canapé using Whatsapp or Telegram if you prefer it. Another option to vote is to go into the 'Concejalía de Turismo de Benidorm' Facebook page:

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lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Celebrate 'Fallas' in Benidorm

Fallas festival is one of the most important and well-known in Valencia City and some other cities and towns in the Valencian Community like Benidorm for example. During the previous days to the 19th of March, the Fallas turn the Valencian Community in an explosion of color, fire and celebration.

The Fallas festival, an old tradition
We find the first information about the Fallas in the mid XVIII Century, but it is believe that it started with a pagan tradition. The purifying fire is present in many other festivities like San Juan or San Miguel; San José for the Fallas, because it is said that it was the carpenters (Saint Joseph's profession) the first ones to burn the wood waste from their workshops to celebrate.

Fallas in Benidorm
The main Valencia festivity is celebrated during the previous days to San José day in Benidorm and in the rest of the Valencian Community. This festival has been present in Benidorm for about 30 years; it was imported by Valencian people that created the first Fallas commission. Ever since then, Benidorm Fallas have been adapted, reinvented and bettered, so their characteristic fire, parody and smell of gunpowder transform them in one of the main festivals in the city.

During these days, this city is full with people who want enjoy the climate and the "Fallas" atmosphere. Hotels in Benidorm, restaurants, night clubs, all are ready to celebrate the "Fallas" and to host  tourists that want to enjoy a fantastic break in Benidorm.

There are 3 different Fallas commissions in Benidorm at the moment: Centro, Rincon and Els Tolls. Every one of them is in charge of placing one Falla. The 'plantà' is how these commissions show their Falla monument.

These monuments are made with wood and papier mâché representing day-to-day scenes from the current situations in a satiric and funny way. The Falla is not only a statue or a puppet; it is a special way of seeing the world.

Another important moment in the Fallas festivals is the 'Mascletà'. The Valencian people have a big connection with the gunpowder, and there is no festival without it. Every day at the same time for the 'Mascletà', the artisan of gunpowder prepares a pyrotechnic show with different kind of petards. It is a good moment to feel the vibration, see a beginning and finale on the air and to smell the gunpowder surrounding you.

During the Fallas days there are some 'Pasacalles' (parades) in the city streets, where the residents and the visitors can enjoy this colourful festival, listen to the music of the brass bands and see the 'Fallera Mayor' and the infant one, these girls dressed in the regional traditional costume are the protagonists of the Fallas.

The floral tribute to the 'Virgen del Sufragio' is very important in the Benidorm Fallas. Using the flowers that the Fallas people, the residents and the visitors offer to this virgin they will decorate the door front and the sides of the Saint Jaume church, dressing it with loads of colours for all the Fallas festivals.

'La Cremà', the end of the Fallas
The beauty of the Fallas monuments, apart from their satiric scenes, the materials and the well done work, lies on its expiry date. They are created to be burnt and reduced to ashes on the festival final day, the 19th of March, the 'Cremà' day. On that day, all the Fallas get burnt creating an amazing sight and the work for the next year starts again for the Fallas Commissions. In Benidorm, like in many other places, the adult and infant Fallas get burnt at a different time so people can enjoy all the 'cremàs' if they want to.

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lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Benidorm, pioneer city in the introduction of accessible beaches

Too many times in the life of the mobility disable people they find difficulties to access some public places.

Pavements, promenades, public buildings... one by one the architectural barriers are being reduced in the cities to make life easier for those who for any reason need help to  have normal mobility.

And when people with some disability have to  select where go on holidays, the accessibility is very important.

Benidorm is become a pioneer city in the improvement of the mobility disable people's quality of life. Most of hotels in Benidorm have adapted facilities to receive disabled people and also Benidorm is pioneer introducing the concept of accessible beaches.

Benidorm beaches, ready to make their access easier

To consider a beach accessible for the disable mobility people we have to find different urban infrastructures that improve their quality of life: accessible public transport or special parking places (close to the entrance).

We can also find some other elements to help the people with  mobility difficulties to have a swim, like access ramps, changing rooms, shade areas or assistants (watch and rescue services)that can get in action whenever it is necessary.

Accessible services to enjoy a day in the Benidorm beaches

Nearly all year, and specially during the summer, the accessible Benidorm beaches offer special services to anyone that needs them, like adapted changing rooms, ramps, access walkways, amphibious chairs and crutches to swim, special areas or lifeguards as support staff.

You can spend your holidays in Benidorm enjoying its beaches, now you can enjoy it, despite your mobility problem.

Accessible points locations in the Benidorm beaches.

In the Levante beach, you can find the access point in the Murcia Street, around the center area of the beach. The Poniente beach counts with two different points, one in each side of the beach (Elche Park and Mont Benidorm Avenue). These points have been available for more than ten years and they have spacious areas, bigger than 100m2.

Services, infrastructures and personal assistance better the visit to Benidorm to the people with a mobility disability and help them enjoy a day on the beach like anybody else.

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viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Carnival in Benidorm

This weekend you can celebrate a festive holiday in Benidorm. The Carnivals!!!

Benidorm becomes a colourful and lively place, with its carnival rides for children and adults, competitions for the best costume, the "Sardine Burial"...

Most hotels in Benidorm, night clubs, discotheques, all organise spacial events in order to celebrate the Carnival 2014

Benidorm is the perfect place in order to enjoy carnivals. The Carnival weekend in Benidorm has all the necessary: fun, a  warm climate for enjoying on the street and excellent tourist infrastructure.

Saturday March 1
Benidorm Children Carnival, inscriptions from 10.00 a.m. to 10.45 h at C/ Gambo con Martínez Alejos.

  • Departure at 11.00 h with the following route: C/ Gambo, C/ Puente y Plaza SSMM los Reyes de España.
  • Playground with bouncy castle. 
  • Bar with economical prices with sandwiche. 

Benidorm Adults Carnival, inscriptions until tomorrow at "La Casa del fester" (st/ La Biga, nº3) Meeting at Venus st. Departure at 11am with the following tour, Marte st., Ruzafa st, Herrerías st and Plaza SSMM los Reyes de España.

  • Dinner for participants registered in advance with option to win a price. 
  • Party with local dj fire work show Bar with economic prices with canapés, beer and soft dri

miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

A romantic getaway to Benidorm

Valentine's Day is soon coming and many couples look for a special trip for this significant day. Benidorm is offering different activities to assure that your visit becomes an experience to repeat during the whole year, but especially for this date.

Levante beach, a must in Benidorm
The Levante beach is one of the best beaches in the entire Levant littoral and is a well-known one in Europe too. You can find this 2 km long beach in Benidorm town center. During the daytime or at night, its soft sand and crystal clear water are a must in every visit to Benidorm. This beach  is the perfect place for a nice afternoon walk, a refreshing dip or to sunbathe all day long. You can have fun with your loved one at anytime in its lively promenade.

Romantic evening in Benidorm
During the Valentine's weekend, mostly all the restaurants and hotels in Benidorm will have special offers for an unforgettable dinner for two.  You will not get a better moment to enjoy an italian, oriental, traditional, etc. meal, you will find a place for every taste or budget in Benidorm.  It is the perfect night for a special and romantic time with your couple.

Benidorm at night: a suitable place for everyone.
After a lovely dinner, we can find a place to listen to good music in between the great variety of bars in Benidorm. If you come during the  Valentine's weekend you will find all kind of possibilities in and out of the hotels.

Normally, every hotel in Benidorm will organize a special dinner and some activities for that night, like live music and dance. But, on the other hand you can  find some special shows in the Benidorm Palace, the cabaret bars or even enjoy a drink in the lounge bars in Benidorm.

Relax and well-being in Benidorm
You will not find a better place to enjoy some relaxing moments. During the winter months the town is not so crowded and the regular visitors are
mainly middle aged people who like to spend a tranquil stay in a town close to the sea with an enviable weather.

Special activities for two in Benidorm
There are plenty of activities and experiences to share in Benidorm. Shopping? You will find a great amount
of shops in town and some markets to get something special for yourself or your loved one. Looking for anything different? Benidorm Palace show is on for you to enjoy nearly every day of the  week. Gastronomy? Benidorm has a wade offer of restaurants with all kind of food: International, Italian, Asiatic, French and, of course, you can enjoy delicious soggy rice (arroz caldoso) or the popular dessert Saint Blas cake of its local gastronomy.

Benidorm offers loads and different kind of activities to all its visitors, so they can enjoy their time for two. A getaway to Benidorm is an excellent way to celebrate a wonderful Valentine's Day together.

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