viernes, 28 de julio de 2017

Do you know about our loyalty program #DonPanchoHappyPoints?

Earn points, and save on your next stay!

In this post we will explain all the details you need to know to get the most out of your holiday thanks to our Happy Points. Shall we start?

¿What is #DonPanchoHappyPoints?
Don Pancho HAPPY POINTS is a loyalty program created to reward all guests, like you, who chose our hotel repeatedly.

Do I need to sign up?

There is no need to sign up. We automatically register you when processing your reservation. In addition, you won’t need any membership card. We take care of everything here. This leaves you free to just relax and enjoy your vacation!

What goods & services earn points?
All goods & services paid directly to the hotel such as food and drinks automatically earn points. It is important to know that these services need to be charged to the room in order to earn points.

But there is more… guests who book directly with the hotel also earn points on the full cost of their accommodation. More points, more savings. 

Do I earn more points if I book directly with the hotel? 
The answer is Yes. As we explained above, guests who book directly with the hotel through our web or telephone +34 96 585 29 50, benefit the most, as every Euro spent on the actual accommodation itself earns points. And direct guests can apply the discount towards the cost of their next accommodation at our hotel.


* Points to Euros ratio is approximate and subject to change

What will the discounts apply towards?
Discounts apply to hotel goods & services such as food and drinks. Guests who book directly with the hotel can also apply the discount towards the cost of their next actual accommodation.

When do I receive my discount?
The discount is applied on the guests’ next stay. The discount will appear automatically on the guests' bill at the time of checkout. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our front desk staff.

Do the points expire?
Happy Points expire after 14 months, enough time for you to return to visit us, to visit your family in Benidorm, your family Don Pancho.


Hotel Don Pancho

viernes, 30 de junio de 2017


Here are 10 exclusive reasons why you should book direct.

At Hotel Don Pancho, we want your experience to be rewarding and exclusive. And therefore, our commitment has to begin by giving you the best attention and conditions when booking directly with us through our website, email or telephone +96 585 29 50.

Did you know that when booking a room direct with the Hotel we will provide you with our lowest price?

And this is not the only reason why you should book direct, as we also give you additional benefits to make your holiday even more relaxed. These exclusive benefits include:

1 ➥ Free Transfer Service to/from Alicante Airport
You will receive free transfer service to and from Alicante airport.

2 ➥ Happy Points Discount on Accommodation
You will earn discount points on accommodations. This is a great benefit as the points are then automatically converted into discounts for your next stay.

3 ➥ Discount on Hotel Bars
You can enjoy a 10% discount at any of our bars for your entire stay.

4 ➥ Free Use of Room Safe
You can keep your belongings in your rooms safe at no charge.

5 ➥ Free Tickets to the Benidorm Palace
You will receive 2 free tickets to the Benidorm Palace (including a free drink) when booking 3 nights or more.

6 ➥ Free Entrance to Benidorm Casino + Glass of Cava
You will receive free entrance to the Benidorm casino (includes a free glass of cava).

7 ➥ Welcome Drink
You will receive a free drink voucher to be used at any of our bars.

8 ➥ Refundable Cancellation
You can cancel your reservation without restrictions free of charge up to 7 days before the arrival date. This benefit does not apply in case of a special non-refundable rate.

9 ➥ No Deposit Required
You will need Zero deposit, pay directly at Check-Out. This benefit does not apply in case of a special non-refundable rate.

10 ➥ Lowest Price Guaranteed
We guarantee you always get the lowest price when you book directly with us.

But that's not all, by booking direct, you will also enjoy More Booking Availability.
The last rooms are only available with direct booking with us. Often, when our partners are sold out, there is a good chance we will still have rooms available.

Remember that to get these exclusive benefits you must book directly through our websiteemail or telephone +96 585 29 50.

Do not wait any longer and 

Hotel Don Pancho

lunes, 12 de junio de 2017

Indulge in the delicious experience of Don Pancho Afternoon Tea

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an afternoon tea at our comfortable pool bar while enjoying the sunshine and the spectacular views of Benidorm!

Choose between tasty teas such as Assam or Darjeeling and add some bubbles to spark your afternoon with a glass of Cava.

Enjoy a selection of traditional scones with homemade preserves and clotted cream, finely cut sandwiches, and a delicious range of exquisite sweets, pastry tartlets and tea cakes.

The Afternoon tea is now served in our spectacular solarium terrace to create the perfect tranquil atmosphere. Whether it is a special occasion or just want to spend a pleasant evening, try our exquisite Afternoon tea while relaxing with the magnificent views of our terrace. An unforgettable Don Pancho Experience! #DonPanchoExperience

Afternoon Tea is served daily from 3:00 to 6:00pm at your hotel in Benidorm.

Hotel Don Pancho

miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Discover our INTERNET CAFÉ

If you need to work during your stay at our Hotel, look up something quickly or simple browse the internet, you have to check out our new INTERNET CAFE located on the ground floor near the reception area of our Hotel.

The Internet cafe is equipped with brand-new computers ready for use with high speed internet. Plus, it is opened 24 hrs a day so you can enjoy a coffee while checking your emails anytime. 

It is the perfect place to work in a relaxed atmosphere during your stay in Benidorm. Guests of Hotel Don Pancho may use our internet cafe free of charge.

Only a year ago the Hotel was completely renovated, not only with regard to the comfort and quality of our facilities, but also a complete replacement of all systems and equipment.  And as it could not be otherwise, the new Hotel Don Pancho is entering this new era as a smart hotel and totally connected with our customers and the world around us.

Hotel Don Pancho offers also free wireless internet access to all guests.

Hotel Don Pancho

viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

The Hotel Don Pancho, Adults Only (16+), starting in May 2018

Dearest Friends of the Hotel Don Pancho,

We would like to share with you that starting in May 2018, the Don Pancho will become an Adults Only (16+) hotel.

We made this decision after listening very closely to our guests; over the last few years, the vast majority of you shared with us their wish of having the Don Pancho cater exclusively to an adult audience. We listened, and have now made your wish our command.

Our goal with this decision is to focus ALL our attention on a very specific type of guest:  the type of guest who values peace and relaxation above all. We believe that with our focus, the Hotel Don Pancho will become an Oasis of Peace like no other in Benidorm.

We are aware that this type of decision can never meet everyone's expectations and that there will be guests who don´t share our new approach. To all current and past guests with children, our most sincere apologies; nothing is further from our purpose than to upset those families who have placed so much trust on us.

And to you, little ones, who have been coming to our hotel year after year, please know that in a few years, once you turn 16, we will be waiting for you and your families with open arms. We will show you then that our hotel is even better than you remembered as a child.

Our Oasis of Peace objective extends past children, to any groups that may disturb the well-being of our guests, such as stag and hen parties and ‘celebration-type’ groups. There are plenty of other hotels in Benidorm that cater to such audience. But not the Don Pancho. Please be assured that will do our very best to discourage such groups.

Thank you very much for all your continued support during this exciting journey together. This is an amazing time; we are confident that the new Adults Only Hotel Don Pancho will shine brighter than ever for all our guests for many, many years to come.

Kind Regards,

The Don Pancho Team

domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

Let's celebrate together St. George's Day in style at Hotel Don Pancho!

Saint George is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated saints in the Christian tradition. The festival of Saint Georges is not only one of the most important in England, but also in many other parts of the world. In many regions of Spain, it is also commemorated, for example, San Jorge in Aragon, or San Jordi in Catalonia and in some municipalities of our Valencian Community. In these places, it is customary on April 23 for men to give a red rose to women, as did the knight Jorge to his princess.

Image of Saint George, patron saint of the popular festivities in the city of Alcoy, 
also located in the province of Alicante, as well as the city of Benidorm.

But on this particular day we also share another celebration. Fate wanted two of the greatest writers of European literature, Shakespeare and Cervantes, to die on the same date of the calendar, exactly on April 23, 1616. Thus, St. George's Day also commemorates internationally the Day of Literature, and for that reason in some areas, besides a red rose it is customary to give away a book.

Books are undoubtedly a great travelling companion, especially in those moments of relaxation in which we feel the need to disconnect and let time pass peacefully. And since Hotel Don Pancho stands as an oasis of peace and tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle, we could not miss this detail. We have a special selection of books available to our guests, as well as numerous reading areas, such as the lobby bar with comfortable seating or the warm and relaxed atmosphere of the pool area. Just imagine yourself lying on the sun loungers near the pool and reading your favourite book while the sea breeze caresses your face.

Furthermore, the beaches of Benidorm have also been a pioneer in implementing a public book lending service right on the sand, which currently has more than 100 thousand users a year. What better proof that a good book is the perfect complement to your holidays?


At the Hotel Don Pancho, your hotel in Benidorm, we also strive, as Jorge did, to overcome every day the dragon of stress and routine. Join us in this task and enjoy a magical and relaxing atmosphere in a legendary environment.

Let's celebrate together St. George's Day in style at Hotel Don Pancho!

Hotel Don Pancho

martes, 18 de abril de 2017

FOURTH PLACE in the general classification by team of the Marathon Des Sables 2017

The great challenge Marathon Des Sables has come to an end and we are very happy with the results achieved. The Alicante´s team, formed by Antonio García (president of the "ADHD Association”), Miguel Ángel Cayuela (president of the “Asociación Ultrafondo Solidario”), and Francisco Javier López (known by everyone as "Mimi"), with the sponsorship of Hotel Don Pancho, has obtained FOURTH PLACE in the general classification by team, in "the toughest race on Earth”". Their goal is to raise funds to help children and families with ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism.

The three athletes have taken their motto "the best race, the smile of a child", through the dunes of the Sahara Desert. Undoubtedly, the incredible purpose for which they participated has given them the courage and determination to move forward in each stage of this hard journey.

We are left with the experiences of these amazing athletes who without a second thought launched themselves into this tremendous adventure.

In the words of Antonio García, "it is not just a very hard challenge, it is also a unique opportunity to run through one of the most beautiful and magical places on the planet and enjoy sunrises and sunsets that mark your life forever".

Miguel Angel Cayuela in his Facebook account, shares with all his followers three words that perfectly describe the values he takes with him from the race: friendship, companionship and honesty. And continues saying that being part of the MDS2017´s team was a dream come true!

And what to say about Mimi, who has also finished in the 14th place of the individual classification (of 1200 participants from all over the world!). The best position achieved by a Valencian in the Marathon Des Sables.

Photo: @IanCorless

The Hotel Don Pancho is very proud to have participated in this MSD2017 challenge, not only for the excellent results obtained, but also for the solidarity goal pursued by our athletes.

Congratulations champions for your incredible effort throughout the race. We are very proud of you. Bravo!


Hotel Don Pancho

miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Oficial Presentation of the Marathon Des Sables 2017 at Hotel Don Pancho


As we shared in December, the Hotel Don Pancho sponsors the “Asociación Ultrafondo Solidario” in order to carry out the great challenge that is the “Marathon Des Sables (MDS2017)”, in which three athletes from Alicante will face the hardest race of ultra-resistance and self-reliance from next April 6th. Their goal is to raise funds to help children and families with ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism.

(from left to right) Francisco Javier López, Antonio García and Miguel Ángel Cayuela

With the suitcases already prepared to leave for the Sahara desert, the three participating athletes, Antonio García (president of the "ADHD Association - Antonio García”), Miguel Ángel Cayuela (president of the “Asociación Ultrafondo Solidario”), and Francisco Javier López (known by everyone as "Mimi") presented the 32nd edition of this challenge in the Salón Velázquez of our Hotel Don Pancho and explained all the details about this exciting and caring adventure. This team is the only one participating from the Valencia Region and the only one in Spain with a social commitment.

The introduction was held by the CEO of the Don Pancho Group, Francisco J. Quiles, who insisted on the importance of the event, highlighting the permanent commitment of this hotel to sports, to the city of Benidorm, Tourism and solidarity. Then the protagonists of the event took the floor.

D. Francisco J. Quiles, CEO Don Pancho Group

Firstly, Francisco Javier Lopez explained that the “Marathon des Sables” is one of the most demanding competitions in the world, where runners have to live for a week in an inhospitable environment and run 250 km carrying their own provisions and a backpack containing food, a sleeping bag, household goods and other materials, facing their own fears and insecurities. We could watch a video of the previous year's edition, which undoubtedly left all the attendees overwhelmed by the harshness of this race. "A real adventure for elite runners where the important thing is not their legs, but the will to move on, especially for the goal that is pursued," said Mimi.

For his part, Miguel Ángel Cayuela spoke about the solidarity challenges carried out by his association, as they raise funds by running for children's causes, and about the enthusiasm and dedication he has devoted to this new challenge, which is undoubtedly one of the most difficult to face.

The presentation ended with the intervention of Antonio García, who drived from San Vicente del Raspeig to present his association, which seeks to raise awareness among people about disorders such as ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome and Autism, and how these initiatives are tremendously useful for the children and their families.

The event was attended by the Benidorm’s Acting Mayor and Councilor for Culture and Sports Ms. Ana Pellicer, the General Director of Tourism of the Valencian Government Ms. Raquel Huete and the Councilor for Sports of San Vicente del Raspeig José Luis Lorenzo, among other personalities.

Ms. Raquel Huete, General Director of Tourism of the Valencia Government 

Ms. Ana Pellicer Pérez, Acting Mayor of Benidorm

At the Hotel Don Pancho we feel fully identified with this purpose and of course we will inform you about the evolution of the race. Good luck to the whole team, we are with you!

Hotel Don Pancho

miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Tired of winter? Let´s welcome springtime!

Easter is just around the corner!

Starting a few days ago, the Earth’s axis tilts neither toward the Sun nor away from it. That’s why there’s a roughly the same amount of daylight and darkness at all latitudes. Hence the equinox. The days also become a little longer in our hemisphere because it takes the sun longer to rise and set.

Since the development of humanity, almost every culture in the world celebrates the beginning of spring. It is, after all, the season of new beginnings, when at last we achieve the liberation from the harsh winter. There are a lot of religious holidays that take place around the spring equinox to usher in the season. For example, Jewish people celebrate Passover to mark the liberation from slavery, and in the Christian Church, Easter is one of the most important and oldest festivals, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year, Easter falls on April 16.

Thus, springtime reminds us aspirations of rebirth, renewal, rejuvenation or regrowth. Flowers sprout everywhere, and the new life makes its way like a chick that breaks the eggshell.

Blooming almond tree, beautiful scenery near Benidorm.

At the Hotel Don Pancho we consider that it is time to let yourself be carried by these vivifying feelings, and to take advantage of Easter holidays to reconnect with good weather, with nature, with light… with life.

In fact, this is the first Easter for us after the massive refurbishment that the hotel has gone through just a few months ago. Everything in this iconic hotel is brand new, except the staff and service, which remain as unique as ever. We are located just few steps away from famed Levante beach and close to numerous shops and restaurants, but we also think of ourselves as a peaceful and tranquil oasis among the crowds. Appointed with beautiful and comfortable accommodations, charming ambiance and the most qualified staff, Hotel Don Pancho remains the hotel for everyone searching for an escape from the ordinary.

A stunning photo from our brand new Atic Suites located on the top floor of the hotel.

In regards to our surroundings, what could we add that has not been said before? Benidorm is located in a privileged natural environment and blessed with a micro-climate which produces good weather all year round. In addition, the city offers endless entertainment possibilities, for all ages and tastes, whether you fancy a beach holiday, a cultural visit, a getaway break or beautiful nature walks. The decision is yours.

Check out this tripadvisor guide for some planning inspiration:

Beyond this cosmopolitan atmosphere, you can still find the marvelous narrow streets of the old fishing town, where some traditions and typical dishes remain exactly the same. Also you can find the processions of the Holy Week, a very strong cultural and religious practice that take place during the days before Easter.

Here is a link to the Timetable for the Processions of the Holy Week:

Traditional Spanish Easter pastry with a boiled egg in the middle, called “mona de Pascua”. It is tradition to eat it on Easter Monday.

In conclusion, at the Hotel Don Pancho we offer luxurious accommodation with numerous high quality extras, from our exquisite cuisine to our Thai massages. Everything you need to enjoy a total relaxation and rejuvenation experience this Easter, as the Equinox dictates.

Hotel Don Pancho

jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017

Hotel Don Pancho, again a benchmark for meetings and company events

The Hotel Don Pancho has always opted for a quality offer in terms of meeting and event services for companies.

Beginning in the 90's, the Hotel Don Pancho became a benchmark in Benidorm for the organization of formal business meetings, exhibitions of all kinds, conferences, etc.

It was during this time, in which the hotel acquired a very considerable reputation regarding the organization of this type of events, thanks to the good know-how that characterizes us according to our customers.

And now, in 2017?
The Hotel Don Pancho also took into account during its renovation project the creation of new spaces for the organization of this type of events.

With a view to the needs currently required for this type of event, 2 large and very bright rooms were designed, the Goya Room and the Velázquez Room, which in turn can be combined together to give rise to a much larger room according to the needs .

The hotel also has a more private meeting room, the Executive Room, as bright as the halls and equipped with a very comfortable and modern design and furniture.

All these spaces are endowed with the means multimedia and technological means necessary for the implementation of any meeting of these characteristics is a success.

Companies that have trusted the Hotel Don Pancho
During the little trajectory that we carry in this new stage after the renovation of the hotel, many companies have already placed their trust in our service of meetings and events.  From periodic meetings, training sessions, networking and even anniversary dinners.

Some of the companies that have had the Hotel Don Pancho for these types of events are: Grupo Altadis, Grupo BNI ACN Quality, Plataforma Unidos 8 de Marzo, Jet2holidays, Official Association of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Alicante, Brotons Group, Grupo Impuls, among others.

Hotel Don Pancho
Meeting Hotel in Benidorm

martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

Hotel Don Pancho, the only hotel in Benidorm with Bowling Green

The Hotel Don Pancho currently has one of most modern bowling green of  Benidorm.

This Green is located inside the hotel grounds, in the heart of Benidorm.

For those who do not know much about this sport ...
Bowls or grass bowls is a sport that involves rolling slightly asymmetric balls with the aim of placing them as close to a smaller white ball called "jack", "kitty" or "sweetie".

As it belongs to the family of ball sports, it is related with petanque, sport also well-known and practiced in France and in Spain. Bowls are very popular in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Bowls are normally played outdoors, on greens of natural or artificial grass. It is also a group sport so it becomes a perfect ally for good health habits and for social relationships.

A little history?
The origins of this sport go back to the thirteenth century, where stories of well-known writers already relate graphic scenes of the London of the time, when talking about the summer amusements of the boys.

During the fifteenth century when the game reached a certain popularity, it was banned by the monarchy and parliament, as they feared that it could harm the practice of archery so important at that time to form good warriors.

In addition, the discredit of the practice of this game was increasing since it became the favorite game in the alleys of London, in areas of taverns, with bets included.

By a decree issued by Henry VIII in 1541, which was not lifted until 1845, artisans, laborers, apprentices or servants were prohibited from playing bowling except at Christmas. In addition it was strict condition that the sport was always practiced in private gardens, which is why today it is practiced on courts of mainly grass in the open air.

In 1864, a cotton merchant from Glasgow, he published the "Bowls Game Manual", becoming the basis of modern game rules. In 1892, the Scottish Bowling Association was established which today has been extended to 40 countries. The birthplace of the modern game is still Scotland, with the World Bowls Center.

The Don Pancho's Bowling Green
The hotel's Bowling Green is fully approved for the practice of this sport, enabling it in this way for tournaments and all kinds of official competitions.

It is divided in 3 tracks of artificial grass of the recognized brand DALE'S, leader in this field.

The track is located in an open space on the first floor of the hotel with fantastic views of Benidorm and with the enjoyment of the warm climate of the city so appropriate for the practice of this sport. 

The hotel has all the necessary equipment to play.

Fond of this sport?
If you are fond of this sport and also hotel guest can enjoy free of both the material and the tracks, you should only book the track at reception.

If you are not a hotel guest you can enjoy the bowling green for only 10 €/match, making use of the bowling equipment of the hotel if necessary.

But if you also belong to a club or an association that practices this sport and want to organize a tournament or any type of competition, the bowling green of the Hotel Don Pancho meets all the conditions for this and also puts at your disposal all your experience in your hosting service and event organization in Benidorm.

Hotel Don Pancho
Hotel with Bowling Green in Benidorm

The month of love at the Don Pancho Hotel

This month February has been a different month at the Hotel Don Pancho.

This year the month of love has been noticed in all corners of the hotel to the delight of our most romantic clients.

And not only through decorative details, such as our Tree of Love that we have been able to enjoy while consulting with the receptionists, but also through the romantic programming that the hotel has prepared for these dates.

Valentine's Gala Dinner 
On Saturday 11 and 18 February, as well as on the 14th, at the Hotel Don Pancho, Valentine's gala dinners have been held.

The new halls of the hotel have been dressed in gala with a very romantic style, where the color red, hearts and roses were the theme, accompanied by a backdrop of the film White House creating an atmosphere full of sensations.

Individual tables per couple, a very suggestive and special menu, the courtesy of a rose per table and all set by background music of a fantastic violinist.

Our most sincere thanks to all those opinions that have been passed on to us by those attending these galas and who confirm once again that the Hotel Don Pancho is a benchmark in terms of creating memorable experiences for our clients.

And about the Love short break?
The Hotel Don Pancho has also launched for this month a complete package thinking of its most romantic clients.

Two nights at the weekend, with cava and chocolates on arrival, free parking, tickets to Benidorm Palace and late checkout until 2pm for the late sleepers.

A very complete offer to give your partner the surprise they really deserve.

A different setting. 
The Hotel Don Pancho remains faithful to the philosophy of exceeding the expectations of its customers. A put in place that has been realized since the beginning of the hotel through excellence in its service, and now also we want to strengthen with the creation of new experiences within our hotel.
We have prepared more surprises. Stay attentive!

Hotel Don Pancho
Hotel 4 Star Benidorm