viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Benidorm casino , a new attractive for the gambling lovers in Benidorm

Benidorm is a city with a wide number of tourist attractions: sun and beach, aquatic sports, gastronomy, night leisure...

And now, the opening of a new casino that will delight the gambling lovers or anyone that wants to get a new experience on his holiday in Benidorm. The Benidorm casino will be open for the summer, if everything goes as planned.

'Casino Mediterráneo', a reference in the gambling sector
After having a casino in Alicante and another one in Orihuela, Casino Mediterráneo can be considered a reference in the gambling sector.

This third new opening in the Mediterranean Avenue in Benidorm will give the change to any person that likes this kind of entertainment to find a special place to enjoy in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

The new casino will offer every normal activity that you can find in this kind of complex: slot machines, casino gambling tables, poker room and pool betting. It will have a special area for national and international poker competitions, which is a very popular activity at the moment.

Mediterranean Avenue, an exceptional area to enjoy in Benidorm
The new casino will be located in the Mediterranean Avenue, one of the main roads in the whole town. Many of the most well-known hotels in Benidorm are located in this same avenue, apart from restaurants, cafeterias and lounge bars that will increase the leisure options for the casino visitors. The main benefit that this location will bring to the Casino Mediterráneo is the proximity to high quality hotel rooms for the visitors to enjoy.

The area where the casino will be located is only a few meters away from the Levante Beach. This urban
beach is one of the most renowned beaches in Europe where you will be able to get the sun and the pleasant weather of Benidorm all year round.

The Levante Beach counts with all the necessary to have a beautiful day on the beach and its promenade offers everything a tourist may want: a nice restaurant with the local gastronomy, a relaxing coffee cup watching the sunset or a drink in one of the many night lounge bars you will find. It is a place where you can spend some relaxing, enjoyable and gaming days without losing the comfort.

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