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The Don Pancho Hotel obtains the Certificate of Excellence Tripadvisor 2013

The well known opinion portal TripAdvisor has awarded the Don Pancho Hotel with the Certificate of Excellence Tripadvisor 2013 which puts this hotel in between the 10% of the businesses with the better results all around the world in this website.

This award is given to the hotels that are continuously getting very good opinions from the travelers in TripAdvisor. Every hotel with a profile in TripAdvisor is a possible contestant to get this prize, but only a 10% will get it. This year the Don Pancho Hotel is again in between that 10% of the best hotels in Benidorm and has got the 2012 Trip Advisor Excellence Certificate.

TripAdvisor, the touristic sector opinion website par excellence
TripAdvisor is a website where travelers can write their opinions about destinations, hotels or restaurants. The goal is to have a place where travelers can share their experiences with the rest. Apart from the own satisfaction they get by sharing, this opinions help other people to choose a destination comparing real experiences from other travelers.

TripAdvisor is the most well known travel website with the biggest amount of traveler’s opinions. There are about 100 million opinions at the moment. This portal also classifies the different businesses by the negative or positive opinions travelers give them. It is also considered the opinions date, the more recent the opinions are the higher points they will give you. And finally, the third factor for the ranking is the amount of opinions.

The most appreciated businesses in every destination will get the top positions in the TripAdvisor ranking.

The Certificate of Excellence Tripadvisor 2013
This hotel in Benidorm, the Don Pancho hotel is proud of getting this prize. It is a response to the client’s satisfaction as a consequence of the continuous bettering in the hotel services.

The TripAdvisor Excellence Certificate rewards the top hotels, restaurants and attractions in the whole world. This certificate is the recognition of the most important ones, the hotel clients.

'It is an honour for TripAdvisor to award the businesses that stand out for their continuous excellence, as it is prove by the travelers opinions in our website', said Christine Petersen, TripAdvisors Business President. 'The Excellence Certificate gives the well deserved recognition to the high qualification businesses all around the world. From an exceptional accommodation in Pekin to a magnificent restaurant in Boston, we want to applaud this kind of businesses for offering a great client's experience to the TripAdvisor travelers.

Hotel Don Pancho
Hotel in Benidorm

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