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Benidorm Island, mystery and legend

The Benidorm Island, 'L'illa' or the Journalists Island is a small islet located at 2 nautical miles from Benidorm city. Due to its location, flora and fauna it is a special touristic attraction for Benidorm.

Nearly all the tourists that come for few days to an apartment or a hotel in Benidorm reserve a day to visit the island; there is no proper break in Benidorm without a visit to the island.

But if there is anything that makes this island different and attractive are the legends about its appearance.

The beginning of the Benidorm Island, legends
All the legends about the beginning of the Benidorm Island consider that it is a piece from the 'Puig Campana', a mountain located 10 kilometers away from the coast in Finestrat. The 'Puig Campana' has a big hole on the top and, normally it is related to a legend.

The Roldán Legend
Roldán was a Charlemagne major, and the main character of the Roldán's chant.
Long time ago, Roldán vented all the fury of his sword in a hand to hand fight with one of his enemies. He hit the 'Puig Campana' so hard that a big piece split and got to the sea. That big piece is the Benidorm Island.

The Bruno History
This other tale is a bit more romantic, it is said that Bruno, a knight in love, found out that his beloved one was very ill. He head for the top of the mountain to find a wizard that was living there. When he finally found the wizard, this one told the knight that he could do nothing to save his love’s life.

At this point you can find two different endings: the first one says that Bruno felt so helpless that he stuck his sword in the mountain, and, the second one explains that the knight, facing the imminent death of his loved one at sunset, decided to cut a piece of the 'Puig Campana' so the sun will no set. In both endings the piece of mountain will fall in the sea and will become the Benidorm Island. Either way, the legend has a dramatic finale where the knight's beloved dies and Bruno commits suicide sinking his boat in the Benidorm waters.

The Benidorm Island and the giant
The third legend is about a giant that was living in the Puig Campana. He felt in love with a beautiful lady from Finestrat town. As he knew that she will never fall in love with him he decided to kidnap her and took her to the mountain, but all the people from the village got together and rescued her. The giant got so upset that he kicked the mountain and a piece got out of it, arriving to the sea and creating the Benidorm Island.

The true story of the Benidorm Island is in geology
The truth about the Benidorm Island appearance has quiet little of a romantic side, but it still is interesting. All the geological studies that have been made to the island during the years got to the conclusion that the 'Puig Campana' and the Benidorm Island are rocks with different composition, nature and chronology, so there is no connection in between them.

Whilst the 'Puig Campana' dates from the Jurassic period, the island is made of limestone from the Lower Cretaceous period, if we consider this 'in years' we can say that the Benidorm Island is about 5 million years 'younger' than the mountain. Apart from that, numerous geological specialists agree that the Benidorm Island is one of the ends of 'Sierra Gelada', one of the most spectacular littoral ranges that you can find in the Spanish East coast.

The Benidorm Island, worth a visit
The Benidorm Island, as many others, is uninhabited, but you can visit it. Approximately every hour, depending on the weather, there is a ship leaving the Benidorm harbour to the island every day of the year.

During the summer months, you can ship in the Rincon de Loix. For approximately 14 Euros the adults and 11 Euros the children (these are guiding prices, you should confirm them with the shipping company), the company includes a trip in the Aquarium ships or Aqua scope, so you can enjoy the bottom of the sea around the island.

You can also walk around the island and look at the Benidorm bay. You can previously buy the tickets over their web site.

The legends, the sea bottom or the Mediterranean weather, any excuse is good to pay a visit to the Benidorm Island.

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