lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

Travelers, more information about their rights thanks to a new app

The basement of the communitarian information campaign 'Your rights on your hand' is to help the consumers to know their rights before, during and after a journey.

To achieve that, the European Commission has created a free Smartphone application where all the travelers can consult any doubts about their rights when they are travelling. This new application (ECC Net Travel App) works without internet connection and it is available in 25 different languages for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Sometimes, when travelers are arranging all the details for a holiday in Benidorm or when they have a problem in their destination they find out that they do not have enough information on how to short the problem out or do not know who can help them. For all these situations, the Net Travel App created by the European Commission has a useful information section where you can find all the steps to follow if you want to cancel a flight or you have lost your luggage in any of the European airports for example.

On top of that and always thinking in the tourists travelling around the European Union, the application offers a list of emergency numbers and necessary contact details in every country so the traveler can use them in case of emergency or serious problem if they do not know who to turn to.

This project presented by the European consume Commissioner, Neven Mimica, expects to be another tool to make the travelers mobility easier, to help consumers fight for their rights and to be 'the perfect travel companion' for all of those that are traveling and do not really know what their rights are as consumers.

The application Net Travel App that you can download in the European Commission web page  has been focus on the passengers’ rights in transport. It started with plains and trains and it has been updated with buses and maritime transport too.

What rights do I have while travelling?
There are loads of doubts that may come to us while travelling: flights cancelations, change of timetable, etc.
The Net Travel App divides them in: Air, Train, Sea Transport, Bus and Luggage. Loosing or miss lading the luggage is one of the usual questions and with this new app you will be able to find out what to know and what steps to follow if you need to claim. Some other usual questions are delays, cancelations and timetable changes. Through this application the traveler will get all the necessary information to act about it.

Other rights that the travelers can claim before travelling and that you can find in this application are for example the assistance that the reduced mobility person can get in some travelling companies or the insurances.

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