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Beaches and small bays in Benidorm

The beaches and the small bays in Benidorm are two of the main touristic attractions in the city: clean and well looked after areas, with fine sand and easy access. Here you can find the Mediterranean Sea in all its splendour, that is why mainly all the apartments and hotels in Benidorm are facing the sea.

Blue flags in Benidorm
The blue flag is an award that is given as recognition for the cleanness, water quality, accessibility, services, security and environmental respect in the beaches and aquatic areas everywhere around the world. We have three different blue flags in Benidorm: Levante beach, Mal Pas small bay and Poniente beach.

The Levante beach, with its two kilometers length of urban beach, is located next to the Benidorm promenade. We can say that it is the most well-known beach for the tourists that come to Benidorm. It has services that will make your beach day easier like walkways and healthcare points, as well as services that will help you have a funnier day: children playgrounds, beach library or the first cable-ski in Europe.

The Mal Pas small bay is the perfect place for those who want a quieter area to spend a day (and night) on the beach. It is located in the Old Town area, in between the Canfali end and the harbour. It separates the two big beach in Benidorm, the Levante beach and The Poniente beach. Photograph lovers will get incredible views either during the day or night in the Mal Pas small bay.

The third beach with blue flag in Benidorm is the Poniente beach, the other long beach in the city. Normally it is not as crowded as the Levante beach. It has easy access from the promenade and it is the perfect place to enjoy the Mediterranean sunset.

Benidorm small bays, good for those looking for some tranquility
In the Northern area of Benidorm, at the foot of Sierra Helada, you can find two different small bays where
the tourist will be able to enjoy the sea without suffering a crowded beach like the big ones in town: Cala 'Tio Ximo' and Cala 'La Almadrava'. They are a bit far from town, but, at the same time, close to the Rincón de Loix where you can find nearly all the campsites in Benidorm, as well as, leisure areas, bars and coffee shops.

Both of these small bays are in the Sierra Helada area, so you can enjoy a different experience in a smaller beach than the Levante or Poniente ones with rocks and fine sand too. On top of that, either the Tio Ximo small bay or the La Almadrava one will be the perfect place for the snorkel lovers, their clean waters are really appreciated by the beginners and the expert divers.

Either for a nice swim, for sports or for the ones that enjoy going out...any tourist that comes to Benidorm will find in its beaches or small bays what he has been looking for and will be able to enjoy clean, accessible and well look after areas.

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