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Halloween in Benidorm

Halloween night is coming and Benidorm is a perfect place to enjoy a special evening of fear and fun. Most hotels in Benidorm celebrate Halloween in a special way.  Nightclubs and discos also propose specific plans to enjoy this big night of terror.
But what is the origin of Halloween?

Origin of Halloween 
Almost everyone has in mind the image   of Anglo costumes, to trick-or-treat  to our  neighbors house, etc.;   but what is the origin of Halloween?

Its roots come from a Celtic festival: Samhain, the end of the harvest season, where they began a new year. The Celtic tradition was assimilated by other cultures and religions and it has been said that the Irish immigrants brought the tradition to the New World.

In Spain it is known as the night previous to the Feast of All Saints, celebrated on November 1. The All Saints Day is a Catholic tradition that was established to compensate for any holy celebration in honor of any saint throughout the year.  Over time the night before this celebration was well known as the night of the dead one, very similar to the Anglo custom.

 Why spend Halloween weekend in Benidorm? 
In Benidorm you can enjoy all year round its warm Mediterranean climate, which thanks to the excellent temperature allows you to spend nice days full of sun and beach or to take advantage of the wonderful tourist attractions that the city of Benidorm offers.

Also, for Halloween  weekend, there are many special events  organized. It is a weekend in which families with children or young people find all kinds of activities to take part in.
Special Halloween Activities in Benidorm

The zoo, Terra Natura Benidorm, offers (from October 9 to November 3) several children's activities especially tailored for families with children who want to partake in fun makeup and  candy  workshops (included in the  admission price).

For large and small, the Terra Mitica theme park is dressed in Halloween since October 4 and all shows and activities are organized to scare visitors: covens, tales from the crypt or the Grand Parade Halloween are just some of the many attractions these days can be enjoyed in the park.

For those who wants to  be scared and a have  good time dancing, all clubs in Benidorm have prepared special Halloween parties with costume contests, "scary" drinks and  an atmosphere where everyone should enjoy a fun night out.

Moreover, most  hotels and campsites offer their guests Halloween parties, costume awards and more on this special night.

Where to stay in Benidorm in Halloween?
The accommodation in Benidorm is extensive and it has the possibility to adapt to all tastes, needs
and possibilities.

Hostels or pensions; caravans and bungalows at camping or hotels in Benidorm an offer for all tastes and pockets.  Very comfortable accommodation, freedom of movement and the ability to be in touch with nature while enjoying all the tourist attractions Benidorm offers.  It is a very good option if you are traveling with family or a group of friends.

Hotel Don Pancho
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