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Benidorm, Christmas’ Main Destination.

Benidorm is once  again  the main tourist destination chosen by the Spanish travelers to spend Christmas and New Year. According to a report by TripAdvisor, the Levantine capital is the third most popular destination for Spanish to spend New Year’s Eve, after London and Paris, being, therefore, the main national destination.

Apart from the good weather and the wide range of accommodation in Benidorm at Christmas, price is very important when choosing a destination. Although the end of the year is considered to be high season, prices of hotels in Benidorm are below other top tourist spots. All this has made that many establishments in Benidorm already have a high volume of bookings for New Year’s Eve, and some of them are expected to be at full occupancy.

Where to stay in Benidorm for New Year’s Eve?

To stay in Benidorm on New Year’s Eve, both domestic and international tourists, have many alternatives tailored to their tastes and budgets. The vast majority of the hotels in Benidorm offer their customers the possibility of attending a gala dinner. Enjoying New Year’s Eve at a hotel in Benidorm can be a unique experience.

Many hotels have a special Gala menu available for guests that include delicious dishes and desserts.
During the dinner, many hotels have live entertainment included as well.  This can include a single musician, singer or even a full orchestra. After the special Gala dinner, hotels organize more live entertainment for guests which is aimed to have them dancing and enjoying this very special evening.  Party favors, “cotillion” in Spanish, are available at the hotel so guests can bring in the New Year making noise and wearing funny hats!

Most hotels in Benidorm also give each guest 12 grapes, as it is a Spanish tradition.  A grape must be eaten each second (twelve seconds before the New Year) before midnight. The tradition states that if you are able to fit all twelve grapes in your mouth, then you will have good luck in the upcoming year.

Another accommodation option for Christmas holidays in Benidorm this year are the apartments, which offer the amenities of other establishments and the independence that gives a “home out of home”. In New-Year’s Eve, many apartments offer a package including disco tickets or discounts at different parties in Benidorm.

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