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Thai Massage in Hotel Don Pancho

Who does not like to have an incredible relaxing massage? At the Hotel Don Pancho it is now also possible.

This hotel in Benidorm, apart from offering its renowned service with all comforts, now offers service massage parlor where you can enjoy a fine selection of Thai massage done by Thai professionals certified in these Eastern techniques.

A menu of attractive treatments that the hotel recommends to book if you want to enjoy total relaxation on a getaway weekend or during deserved vacation.

This type of massage comes, obviously, from Thailand, where it is known as nuad rar bo, which literally means old-fashioned massage or traditional.

The massage focuses on the body, mind and spirit, focusing on the flow of energy through the body through Sen Sib lines, which are the ways that energy follows. There are ten lines to follow and if pressed properly at the correct points are believed to reach cure diseases and to do away with many aches. We will have to try them!

Inside there are several variants Thai massage and the Don Pancho hotel offered 7 are for the enjoyment of our customers.

Thai Traditional Massage (Nuad bo rar) is focused on the flow of energy through the body, through pressure in the right spots along the lines Sen Sib. With a series of pressure and stretching you can get to heal pain, release tension and restore vital energy.

Thai Oil: this massage also works on the lines Sen Sib, but in this case is made with oils, mixing techniques of the most renowned Thai spas. It is very similar to traditional Thai massage, but this has a more gentle and soothing touch.

Thai Herbal: always based on key points of the body where energy flows, a number of herbal recipes are placed on the body. some herbs and spices like turmeric, lemon and bergamot are heated in sachets. The idea is that the oils are fused with skin.

Hands Massage: This is a variation of Thai massage which consists of four hands massage. Double relaxation, always with aromatic oils that helps to make the most of this experience.

Ayverdic Massage: ayverdic it is a term that comes from India and means "life expectancy" and "true knowledge". It is a massage with hot oil acting physically and mentally, regenerating all body systems. If you have done it continuously it can have many benefits, such as restitution of agility joint or a stop on aging.

I lom Lom Massage: This massage is actually Hawaiian origin, also called lomi lomi nui. It is meant to relax the spirit as well as the muscles. It is a deep and fluid massage, with the intention to try and act in various areas of the body at once.

Aloe Vera Massage: Aloe Vera is a plant that has many uses, including medicinal and cosmetics. This plant has relaxing properties and thanks to this, it multiplies the massage intensity. In addition, it is very beneficial for the skin and hydration, and is recommended for many athletes or people suffering from contractures, although it is also very valid for just relaxing during the hour-long massage.

Each of these massages is a delight for the body that will transport guests to another world of sensations and other cultures without leaving the massage cabin from Don Pancho Hotel.

The duration varies between an hour and hour and a half, depending on what the chosen treatment.

In the hotel we have great professionals in this discipline with whom we can enjoy these moments and it will be a unique experience. You just have to choose one (or all!) And book so that nobody’s left without enjoying it.

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