domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2016

New Year's Eve party at the Hotel Don Pancho

Known for decades for its select atmosphere and impeccable service, the ballroom of the Hotel Don Pancho once again stands as the preferred option for all those who want to enjoy a very special and different night. Next December 31.

After a complete renovation in which the hotel has been updated and modernized, the ballroom of the Hotel Don Pancho now offers a careful decoration, with top quality materials creating a comfortable and very modern space. Thanks to the innovative light effects of the ballroom and the stage, an atmosphere that transmits elegance and warmth is achieved, and this, combined with the new high-quality sound system, offers an ideal surround effect to spend a fun evening until late at the beat of the music. In addition to that the hotel has designed a new menu with a varied cocktail choice that will surprise all the customers, including the “Don Pancho Cocktail”, to taste it is compulsory!

For New Year's Eve 2016, the Hotel Don Pancho has organized a very special New Year's Eve Party where to enjoy the magic of that night in this prestigious ballroom. A careful distribution and the new furniture will make the attendees really comfortable while they will have a space to dance to the sound of the music of an orchestra chosen especially for the occasion. All present will receive their party bag and 12 lucky grapes to bid the year as it deserves. Also the New Year’s Eve Bag includes free bar and an early morning snack to recover the forces.

All this accompanied by an impeccable service, detail that has always characterized the Hotel Don Pancho and that will allow attendees to enjoy a truly special distinguished evening.

Located at one of the best locations in Benidorm, very close to the beach of Levante, and a short distance from the city center, Hotel Don Pancho is the most exclusive and select alternative to celebrate an unforgettable New Year's Eve.

The price for attendants to the party (without accommodation) is € 70 per person. For more information and reservations take a look at the website

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