miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Discover our INTERNET CAFÉ

If you need to work during your stay at our Hotel, look up something quickly or simple browse the internet, you have to check out our new INTERNET CAFE located on the ground floor near the reception area of our Hotel.

The Internet cafe is equipped with brand-new computers ready for use with high speed internet. Plus, it is opened 24 hrs a day so you can enjoy a coffee while checking your emails anytime. 

It is the perfect place to work in a relaxed atmosphere during your stay in Benidorm. Guests of Hotel Don Pancho may use our internet cafe free of charge.

Only a year ago the Hotel was completely renovated, not only with regard to the comfort and quality of our facilities, but also a complete replacement of all systems and equipment.  And as it could not be otherwise, the new Hotel Don Pancho is entering this new era as a smart hotel and totally connected with our customers and the world around us.

Hotel Don Pancho offers also free wireless internet access to all guests.

Hotel Don Pancho

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