jueves, 31 de enero de 2013

Hotel Don Pancho, example of touristic quality.

The Benidorm Hotel Industry Association, Costa Blanca and Comunitat Valenciana  has published an article about the Quality Management at the hotel in Benidorm Don Pancho.

The Don Pancho is an example of quality of service in all its meaning, a hotel that is a reference due to its years of experience, a hotel with a very clear commitment to satisfy its clients as time goes by, and using the key elements in customer service, personalized service, great human resources, comfortable facilities, maintained, and always intended to stay optimized to satisfy the customer’s stay.

All this philosophy has been accompanied, with the fact that in the summer of 1998 the hotel was certified with the Q Tourism Quality Standard (at that time the ICHE,Institute for Quality Hotels in Spain, later integrated in the ICTE), this was established to distinguish hotels who decided to differentiate their service under a quality system management, specific to the sector and to demonstrate the concern for customer service, and for a continuous improvement.

And  the hotel has been adapting to changes during these 15 years, and the Q standard , now UNE 182001:2008, (Requirements for the provision of service in hotels and apartments), with appropriate modifications, that year after year continue supporting the Q Certification.

The effort and determination to show that all the hotel services are coordinated, and have information feedback on the level of presentation, is made in such a way that the customer has the guarantee that he is always satisfied with his expectations of the service, and why not, always trying to improve them .

Occupancy levels, the degree of customer loyalty, and professionalism of all the staff of the hotel, make the Q hallmark has the luck that  iconic and consolidated hotels in Benidorm with this carreer, continue backing on it, and provides that the certification keeps making an impact at their doorstep with all the guarantees of its validity.

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