lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

The Mediterranean Miniatures’ Fair takes place in March at the Hotel Don Pancho.

This year, as in previous years, the Mediterranean Miniatures’ Fair will take place in the facilities of the hotel in Benidorm Don Pancho on the 9th and 10th of March.

The city of Benidorm hosts, as in previous years, the Mediterranean Miniatures’ Fair. This unique exhibition is a public display of pieces made by artisans of miniatures from various categories and topics. This show takes place in the exhibition facilities of the hotel in Benidorm Don Pancho.

What does this exhibition show?
Master craftsmen from different parts of Spain present their little works of art in this exhibition, with the aim of bringing to the public, the curiosities of this singular art world, which is to make small-scale everyday objects.

This exhibition not only brings together amateurs and curious visitors, but also gather at the Don Pancho hotel during these days  professionals and collectors seeking special objects or inspiration to create new artforms in miniature.

Besides the fair provides an opportunity for artisans to expose not only their works, but also the way they do their work and how to adapt it to various projects.

During the fair, they show miniature furniture, such as Victorian or Colonial, all kinds of decorative items such as paintings, lamps, tableware or people and animals. It's amazing to get to see some miniature objects that come to surprise every visitor.

When can I visit it?
The fair takes place at the Hotel Don Pancho Benidorm. These miniature marvels can be visited on the 9th of March from 10h30 to 20h30 and on the 10th of March from 11h to 18h30. The entrance has a cost of 3.5 € for adults, and children under 12 have free admission. The entrance for two days costs 6 euros.

Who are the exhibitors?
The main exhibitors already defined in this 2013 edition are:
Revista miniaturas. (The Miniature magazine)
Mikukades. Costume juwelery, rustic furniture and miniatures
Mini alta costura. Mini haute couture,exclusive dresses for collectors and accessories for doll houses.
Candi Martin artisans miniaturess, meals and kitchen accessories.
Mati's Corner, miniature scenes and miniature accessories.
Viti’s flea market, all sorts of merchandise.
Mariví Sacristan, all sorts of merchandise.
Gallinila, textile, household goods.
La Rosita, lighting, ceramics, all sorts of merchandise.
Boreal miniatures, textiles, sewing merchandise.
Vistiendo sueños (wearing deams), sewing merchandise, all sorts of goods

Don Pancho
Hotel in Benidorm

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