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A romantic getaway to Benidorm

Valentine's Day is soon coming and many couples look for a special trip for this significant day. Benidorm is offering different activities to assure that your visit becomes an experience to repeat during the whole year, but especially for this date.

Levante beach, a must in Benidorm
The Levante beach is one of the best beaches in the entire Levant littoral and is a well-known one in Europe too. You can find this 2 km long beach in Benidorm town center. During the daytime or at night, its soft sand and crystal clear water are a must in every visit to Benidorm. This beach  is the perfect place for a nice afternoon walk, a refreshing dip or to sunbathe all day long. You can have fun with your loved one at anytime in its lively promenade.

Romantic evening in Benidorm
During the Valentine's weekend, mostly all the restaurants and hotels in Benidorm will have special offers for an unforgettable dinner for two.  You will not get a better moment to enjoy an italian, oriental, traditional, etc. meal, you will find a place for every taste or budget in Benidorm.  It is the perfect night for a special and romantic time with your couple.

Benidorm at night: a suitable place for everyone.
After a lovely dinner, we can find a place to listen to good music in between the great variety of bars in Benidorm. If you come during the  Valentine's weekend you will find all kind of possibilities in and out of the hotels.

Normally, every hotel in Benidorm will organize a special dinner and some activities for that night, like live music and dance. But, on the other hand you can  find some special shows in the Benidorm Palace, the cabaret bars or even enjoy a drink in the lounge bars in Benidorm.

Relax and well-being in Benidorm
You will not find a better place to enjoy some relaxing moments. During the winter months the town is not so crowded and the regular visitors are
mainly middle aged people who like to spend a tranquil stay in a town close to the sea with an enviable weather.

Special activities for two in Benidorm
There are plenty of activities and experiences to share in Benidorm. Shopping? You will find a great amount
of shops in town and some markets to get something special for yourself or your loved one. Looking for anything different? Benidorm Palace show is on for you to enjoy nearly every day of the  week. Gastronomy? Benidorm has a wade offer of restaurants with all kind of food: International, Italian, Asiatic, French and, of course, you can enjoy delicious soggy rice (arroz caldoso) or the popular dessert Saint Blas cake of its local gastronomy.

Benidorm offers loads and different kind of activities to all its visitors, so they can enjoy their time for two. A getaway to Benidorm is an excellent way to celebrate a wonderful Valentine's Day together.

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