viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Carnival in Benidorm

This weekend you can celebrate a festive holiday in Benidorm. The Carnivals!!!

Benidorm becomes a colourful and lively place, with its carnival rides for children and adults, competitions for the best costume, the "Sardine Burial"...

Most hotels in Benidorm, night clubs, discotheques, all organise spacial events in order to celebrate the Carnival 2014

Benidorm is the perfect place in order to enjoy carnivals. The Carnival weekend in Benidorm has all the necessary: fun, a  warm climate for enjoying on the street and excellent tourist infrastructure.

Saturday March 1
Benidorm Children Carnival, inscriptions from 10.00 a.m. to 10.45 h at C/ Gambo con Martínez Alejos.

  • Departure at 11.00 h with the following route: C/ Gambo, C/ Puente y Plaza SSMM los Reyes de España.
  • Playground with bouncy castle. 
  • Bar with economical prices with sandwiche. 

Benidorm Adults Carnival, inscriptions until tomorrow at "La Casa del fester" (st/ La Biga, nº3) Meeting at Venus st. Departure at 11am with the following tour, Marte st., Ruzafa st, Herrerías st and Plaza SSMM los Reyes de España.

  • Dinner for participants registered in advance with option to win a price. 
  • Party with local dj fire work show Bar with economic prices with canapés, beer and soft dri

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