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Benidorm, pioneer city in the introduction of accessible beaches

Too many times in the life of the mobility disable people they find difficulties to access some public places.

Pavements, promenades, public buildings... one by one the architectural barriers are being reduced in the cities to make life easier for those who for any reason need help to  have normal mobility.

And when people with some disability have to  select where go on holidays, the accessibility is very important.

Benidorm is become a pioneer city in the improvement of the mobility disable people's quality of life. Most of hotels in Benidorm have adapted facilities to receive disabled people and also Benidorm is pioneer introducing the concept of accessible beaches.

Benidorm beaches, ready to make their access easier

To consider a beach accessible for the disable mobility people we have to find different urban infrastructures that improve their quality of life: accessible public transport or special parking places (close to the entrance).

We can also find some other elements to help the people with  mobility difficulties to have a swim, like access ramps, changing rooms, shade areas or assistants (watch and rescue services)that can get in action whenever it is necessary.

Accessible services to enjoy a day in the Benidorm beaches

Nearly all year, and specially during the summer, the accessible Benidorm beaches offer special services to anyone that needs them, like adapted changing rooms, ramps, access walkways, amphibious chairs and crutches to swim, special areas or lifeguards as support staff.

You can spend your holidays in Benidorm enjoying its beaches, now you can enjoy it, despite your mobility problem.

Accessible points locations in the Benidorm beaches.

In the Levante beach, you can find the access point in the Murcia Street, around the center area of the beach. The Poniente beach counts with two different points, one in each side of the beach (Elche Park and Mont Benidorm Avenue). These points have been available for more than ten years and they have spacious areas, bigger than 100m2.

Services, infrastructures and personal assistance better the visit to Benidorm to the people with a mobility disability and help them enjoy a day on the beach like anybody else.

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