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What are we up to?

Call us crazy, but we love renovations!  We love taking something old, out-of-date and re-creating a brand new look and feel.  Even though the hotel has contracted a construction company to do the dirty work, it is our employees that play a fundamental role in making this major makeover a success!

A handful of employees have stayed at the hotel through the construction period and we thought we would let them give you the inside info on what a couple of them are up to and their thoughts on the refurb up to now.


Esperanza Corrales (Architect, Hotel Don Pancho)

What do you think the hotel guests will enjoy most once the Don Pancho re-opens?

Esperanza:  I think the pool area because it will experience the biggest change;  as most of our guests come for the sun, I am sure they will take advantage of the improvements in this area the most. The pool bar area will be larger than it used to be; it will look up-to-date and fresh.

Also, guests were used to seeing two smaller pools, but they will now enjoy one big pool, which will have a built-in seating bench facing the sun so they can take a seat in the actual pool, relax and stay cool.    The deep section of the pool will now be accessed through steps instead of a vertical ladder, so access will be much easier and pleasant!     Guests can also use those stairs to sit on, face the sun and stay cool.

Being in charge of such a huge project must be stressful. Have you run into any major bumps in the road yet?
Esperanza:  The hotel hired me a year and a half before the refurbishment started;  we therefore had plenty of time to plan, which always greatly reduces the issues during the execution of the project.  Everything is going according to plan and at this point, we are very confident that everything will come together perfectly and on time.

What part of the refurbishment, in your opinion, will create the greatest “wow-factor” when repeat guests return to the hotel this spring?
Esperanza:  The façade of the hotel is going to wow everyone as it is so fresh and modern.  It will create the feeling that is that it is a brand new hotel!
The façade uses a material that is state-of-the -art for constructing facades called Krion (from the company Porcelanosa).  In fact, The Hotel Don Pancho Hotel will be the first hotel in the entire Spanish Mediterranean coast with a Krion facade and also the tallest hotel in Spain which uses this material.

Alejandro  (Reception, Hotel Don Pancho) 

Someone had to stay behind to answer the phones and take care of new reservations… do you get bored as there are no clients?

Alejandro:  I miss having the guests here and I am very much looking forward to them coming back but I have been very busy since we closed.  Not only am I answering the phones and taking new reservations but I am also training our newest receptionist, Laura, as well as dealing with agencies. .  Nonetheless, I miss having face-to-face contact with our guests and am really looking forward to the re-opening.

What do you think the guests of the Don Pancho will like best?
Alejandro:  I think the quality of the rooms will be enjoyed most; they’ve been done up to a very high standard.    All of the rooms are being refurbished and this will make a huge difference, especially to our repeat guests who usually stayed in our Standard Rooms.
I think the transparent glass in the balconies will give guests a better view of the Sea and allow plenty of natural light into the rooms.

Ana Laborde (Guest Relations Manager, Hotel Don Pancho)

If there are no guests, what is your role at the hotel during the refurbishment?

Ana:  Keeping our guests informed on social media, our website and via our newsletter is one of my responsibilities… even though we do not want to tell too much before we re-open to keep the surprise factor element alive.
I also help with the development of new sales and marketing materials, research and ordering of new supplies (for example: dishes, amenities, uniforms, etc.) and getting together the entertainment for 2016 are also how I spend my time… but I must admit I really miss spending time with our guests  and I cannot wait till we re-open so I can see their familiar faces and show them around the new installations.

Hotel Don Pancho

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