viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

We are finally unveiling the Hotel Don Pancho’s new logo

Slowly but surely we are approaching our re-opening date… it cannot come soon enough! We are very excited to show off our new and improved look but we have something we want to reveal before our grand re-opening in April, OUR NEW LOGO!

But before we reveal it, it is important to note the history and individuality of the Don Pancho and why we chose to change the logo. From a bird’s eye view, the family-owned Don Pancho is most notably unique because of the Aztec-style stone and symbology throughout the inside and outside of the hotel. Despite the modernizing of our hotel it was extremely important for us to hold on to the Aztec character that has defined us for so many years.

Having always been part of our history, the Aztec heart and soul of the Don Pancho will continue to buzz throughout the hotel. In order to achieve that, we have created eight brand new Aztec-inspired symbols that combine our past with our future: the Aztec origin and the 21st Century.

The new Aztec-inspired symbols are characterized by clean lines and a modern appearance. These symbols will be appreciated from the exterior of our hotel, all the way through to the bedrooms, bringing cohesion throughout the Don Pancho. These are the eight new symbols:

A ninth Aztec-inpired symbol, the symbolic abbreviation of the Don Pancho (DP), will be our new logo. It will be accompanied by the name ‘Hotel Don Pancho’ in a new font; as opposed to the previous version, we picked a very simple timeless font with clean lines that is neutral so it combines well with the new ‘DP’ logo, and cedes importance to it.

Without further ado, we present to you the Hotel Don Pancho’s new logo:

The new logo and symbols are illustrative of the transformation that the new Hotel Don Pancho is about to experience; a new decor throughout the hotel that is both contemporary, yet classic and timeless.

We hope you love our new logo as much as we do!

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