miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

Hotel Don Pancho, more Don Pancho than ever

Francesc Colomer, Regional Secretary of Tourism of the Generalitat Valenciana, and Antonio Perez, mayor of Benidorm participated yesterday, along with others, at the official reopening of the Hotel Don Pancho.

The Don Pancho group CEO, Francisco Quiles, made an emotional journey through the history of the hotel reminding its founder, Don Manuel Torrubia a pioneering and innovative spirit that inspired the creation of the hotel in Benidorm 1972.

Colomer, Regional Secretary of Tourism of the Valencian Community, called remodeling the hotel as "a shining example that the best plan against uncertainty is risk. Today, Benidorm and the Valencian Community are much stronger than yesterday. "

The mayor of Benidorm, Antonio Perez, also gave words of congratulations to the team and the property management , for carrying out the transformation of the building "without causing inconvenience to the city of Benidorm and barely stopping  it´s activity, and therefore, generating wealth, jobs and possibilities, to come back even much stronger. 

Don Pancho Hotel is the flagship of the magnificent hotel plant we have in Benidorm. "

The Hotel Don Pancho has just reopened its doors after six months of work with bookings exceeding 90% for this season. 255 rooms fully renovated, along with the facade, facilities and common areas, bars and restaurant. 

Of course, their commitment to service excellence remains intact. As summarized Francisco Quiles, " Hotel Don Pancho is now more Don Pancho than ever."

Hotel Don Pancho

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