lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

The Hotel Don Pancho Fine Tuning Program

Hotel Don Pancho Fine Tuning Program

We are ready to open our doors again! Finally, after months of hard work, the Hotel Don Pancho is ready to welcome guests and offer them the best of the best! New facilities, new services ... and, as always, the best customer service.

Our top priority has always been to provide our visitors tan unforgettable experience during their stay in our hotel. For this reason, and to ensure that everything runs smoothly in this new stage, the Hotel Don Pancho Team carried out an innovative and original initiative: the Hotel Don Pancho Fine Tuning Program.

This program was a challenge, but it was worth it. In order to ensure that, following the refurbishment, everything was working properly, during this last week we selected a diverse group of discerning guests who stayed at the hotel, testing our ability to continue to offer the best service along with completely renovated facilities.

The selected guests, relatives of hotel staff and various professionals with extensive travel experience and a great critical eye, were committed to the success of this project. Thus, over several days they tested every aspect of the hotel, noting every detail ... positive and negative, as our goal was to correct possible mistakes and avoid them in the future.

The feel of the new sheets, quality of the tableware, comfort of the beds, design and comfort of the renovated rooms, to the functionality of the bathrooms ... Everyday, these intrepid visitors looked closely at the New Hotel Don Pancho, commenting with maximum objectivity on all aspects, good and bad, that caught their attention.

The common areas like the pool, chill out terrace, restaurant and bars were also analyzed from a practical point of view and also from the quality of service. The buffet, snacks, drinks, entertainment and all of the rooms underwent examination and, if there was a defect, we took note of it and corrected it immediately.

But the Fine Tuning of the Hotel Don Pancho Program did not stop there. Our staff also participated in this program, having the opportunity to adapt their work to new facilities and detecting whether there was any error or difficulty and thereafter establishing the means to solve any issue.

It has been a great experience that has enabled us to overcome incidents and has helped us improve. Now we can say that we are completely ready to offer an unforgettable holiday, anticipating the needs of our customers and improving their expectations.

Commissioning a thorough and comprehensive program, we enjoyed learning from our special guests. We are grateful for their dedication, and we hope to see them again soon, along with you, in the New Hotel Don Pancho.

We are awaiting you!

Hotel Don Pancho

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