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Tips to organize a unique weekend

When holidays arrive everyone wants to use up time as much as possible.

Having been working hard all year round, it is logical to want to fill every minute with great vacation plans, dreamed of for so many months.

Therefore, it is important to organize it well, especially if the break is a few days or a weekend in Benidorm. This way, the trip will be filled with activities.

At Hotel Don Pancho we propose a series of tips to prepare a unique and well used weekend. Many times there are ideas that are taken for granted, but it is very useful to have them in mind so that we get everything organized.

Calculate destination, route and avoid jams: the main thing is to be sure about the destination that you go to, book early to avoid running out of place, and organize the roadmap to reach it.

On the website of Hotel Don Pancho, the location is perfectly placed so that you can put it in the GPS, or look at Google to have doubt. Do not waste time on your trip, it’s very important, so you can reach your destination without unpleasant surprises.

Another good tip before leaving home is to consult the traffic situation, avoiding the peak hours jams.

Know the surroundings: It is advisable to learn about what activities are offered in nearby towns and cities, expanding the radius of leisure possibilities.

Book and get tickets in advance: in some restaurants or theme parks is essential to reserve access, so it is necessary to reserve an entry ticket by phone or on the Internet.

This way queues and unnecessary delays will be avoided. In Benidorm and surrounding areas there are numerous activities, sport, leisure ... who can make something spectacular of your weekend.

Along the beach areas of Benidorm there are various restaurants to eat or beach bars where you can drink in a relaxed manner.

But when night falls, if you are tired and do not feel like going for a walk, in the Hotel Don Pancho we have activities to enjoy the night without going out. To begin with, the hotel has live music and dancing in their dance rooms, and to continue, there is a fantastic Chill Out terrace for a drink in a relaxed way, overlooking the floodlit pool.

 Arrange your luggage: preparing the suitcase in an effective way can be tedious, but it will help us save time, space and, above all, to forget essential goods, such as swimsuit or sunglasses.

Simply make a list of things that will be needed. It is easier if you start to think about things from head to toe, so there will not be forgotten any clothing or product. In addition, it is also important to think about phones and their chargers, cameras, tablets, e-books ... -

Forget your job: leaving the mobile phone from work at home and disconnecting the email is essential for a real rest, and to enjoy the company, the good food and intense rest at the Hotel Don Pancho.

This way it will be possible to taste the huge variety of dishes from our international Buffet without calls interrupting lunch or a refreshing drink in the Pool Bar, or without being, meanwhile, reading emails.

Finally, and to make the break perfect, nothing better than a Thai massage session or a round at the Bowling Green Hotel.

The icing on the cake for your unforgettable days!

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