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Detox getaway in Hotel Don Pancho

Back to school, to work, to monotony ... and with it, the time to say goodbye to the walks on the beach, happy summer nights and meals at beach bars by the sea.

However, happy holidays often accompanied by small excesses that sometimes do not do all that well to the body.

Copious dinners of fried food, too many ice cream, soft drinks ... those who left behind the famous bikini diet, may return from vacation with a few pounds more.

Therefore, from the Hotel Don Pancho we propose a Detox Getaway in Benidorm designed especially for those wishing to recover quickly and catch up for the fall. In addition, it is a great opportunity to extend a little rest days enjoying the quiet, very good weather and long days.

Going to Benidorm is already a good idea, since its mild climate always accompanies any plan at any time of year. Beach walks, routes for sports and hiking ... and, from September, more relaxed atmosphere and with far fewer tourists.

Don Pancho Hotel offers everything needed for a few days of preparation for the fall. Attentive to 5 basis points that the hotel we offers to detoxify from the long holiday period:

  • Food: International buffet gives the opportunity to choose the most healthy and light food, allowing to carry out a healthy and balanced diet. freshly cut fruits, Mediterranean cuisine with a variety of vegetables, meats and grilled fish ... a selection of fresh food of the highest quality that will appeal to the palate while benefit the body. The best local raw material for a Detox Diet.
  • Exercise: Nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool, where swimming, move and stretch muscles and stimulate the circulation. Also the beach, a few meters from the hotel is the ideal place to practice different health beneficial water activities. In addition, the Hotel Don Pancho features a gym where you can do gymnastics and catch up. In the Bowling Green may be combined exercise with leisure, enjoying the sport with a group of friends.
  • Massages: Thai massages menu from the massage cabins at the Don Pancho Hotel is varied and very attractive. Both to reaffirm as to beautify, these treatments also help our skin to eliminate toxins and to recover after long days in the summer sun. It is also an opportunity to eliminate any stress and maintain balance between mind and body.
  • Leisure: Nothing better than a relaxing leisure, enjoying a cocktail or soft drink on the terrace of the Hotel Don Pancho, accompanied by the relaxing atmosphere of our Chill Out Terrace. In addition, freshly prepared drinks are made with top quality products, and are tasty while refreshing. What more could you ask for?
  • A room for relaxation: The wonderful new beds Hotel Don Pancho are designed to provide adequate rest, where more than one will dream again with the holidays. The rooms, both standard and superior or suites are designed to offer a practical space and a warm and friendly atmosphere. All rooms have terraces overlooking the Mediterranean, which, sure, help the mind to unwind and prepare to start the year full of energy.

A great option to extend the summer and be aware that the return to routine is so inevitable. Sure some will want to repeat again soon, and enjoy some exclusive days in the Hotel Don Pancho. Here we are expecting you!

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