martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

We are already 2000 fans on Facebook and we are going for the 3000! , do you help us?

Hotel Don Pancho has reached the 2000 fans on its Facebook profile.

2000 thanks to all of you who contributed to reach this number, and have deposited your confidence in our profile!

The Hotel Don Pancho and the social networks 
Within its strategy of approach to the customer, the Hotel Don Pancho has a company profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram.

It is through these networks that the hotel shares with its customers not only their offers or promotions but also the most peculiar moments and curiosities of the day that make our fans enjoy so much: a photo of our new Don Pancho cocktail at the pool , a greeting from our reception team, an album with details of our Valentine's Gala ...

Social networks are the perfect vehicle for communication with our customers.

The networks allow the hotel to transmit content that is of interest to our current and potential customers.

And these, in turn, share with the hotel their opinion about such contents while using the networks as a means to make inquiries and resolve doubts regarding the hotel.

A perfect bi-directional communication tool for both parties.

Let's go for the 3000! 
And now we want to become 3000 fans. And you can help us.

If you're not a fan of the Facebook's Hotel profile then click on this link and like "Like".

You will enjoy exclusive contents related to the hotel and you will be updated with all the last minute information, so you do not miss anything at all ...

What are you waiting for? We are already waiting for your "I like".

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