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Hotel Don Pancho, the only hotel in Benidorm with Bowling Green

The Hotel Don Pancho currently has one of most modern bowling green of  Benidorm.

This Green is located inside the hotel grounds, in the heart of Benidorm.

For those who do not know much about this sport ...
Bowls or grass bowls is a sport that involves rolling slightly asymmetric balls with the aim of placing them as close to a smaller white ball called "jack", "kitty" or "sweetie".

As it belongs to the family of ball sports, it is related with petanque, sport also well-known and practiced in France and in Spain. Bowls are very popular in Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Bowls are normally played outdoors, on greens of natural or artificial grass. It is also a group sport so it becomes a perfect ally for good health habits and for social relationships.

A little history?
The origins of this sport go back to the thirteenth century, where stories of well-known writers already relate graphic scenes of the London of the time, when talking about the summer amusements of the boys.

During the fifteenth century when the game reached a certain popularity, it was banned by the monarchy and parliament, as they feared that it could harm the practice of archery so important at that time to form good warriors.

In addition, the discredit of the practice of this game was increasing since it became the favorite game in the alleys of London, in areas of taverns, with bets included.

By a decree issued by Henry VIII in 1541, which was not lifted until 1845, artisans, laborers, apprentices or servants were prohibited from playing bowling except at Christmas. In addition it was strict condition that the sport was always practiced in private gardens, which is why today it is practiced on courts of mainly grass in the open air.

In 1864, a cotton merchant from Glasgow, he published the "Bowls Game Manual", becoming the basis of modern game rules. In 1892, the Scottish Bowling Association was established which today has been extended to 40 countries. The birthplace of the modern game is still Scotland, with the World Bowls Center.

The Don Pancho's Bowling Green
The hotel's Bowling Green is fully approved for the practice of this sport, enabling it in this way for tournaments and all kinds of official competitions.

It is divided in 3 tracks of artificial grass of the recognized brand DALE'S, leader in this field.

The track is located in an open space on the first floor of the hotel with fantastic views of Benidorm and with the enjoyment of the warm climate of the city so appropriate for the practice of this sport. 

The hotel has all the necessary equipment to play.

Fond of this sport?
If you are fond of this sport and also hotel guest can enjoy free of both the material and the tracks, you should only book the track at reception.

If you are not a hotel guest you can enjoy the bowling green for only 10 €/match, making use of the bowling equipment of the hotel if necessary.

But if you also belong to a club or an association that practices this sport and want to organize a tournament or any type of competition, the bowling green of the Hotel Don Pancho meets all the conditions for this and also puts at your disposal all your experience in your hosting service and event organization in Benidorm.

Hotel Don Pancho
Hotel with Bowling Green in Benidorm

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