jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017

Hotel Don Pancho, again a benchmark for meetings and company events

The Hotel Don Pancho has always opted for a quality offer in terms of meeting and event services for companies.

Beginning in the 90's, the Hotel Don Pancho became a benchmark in Benidorm for the organization of formal business meetings, exhibitions of all kinds, conferences, etc.

It was during this time, in which the hotel acquired a very considerable reputation regarding the organization of this type of events, thanks to the good know-how that characterizes us according to our customers.

And now, in 2017?
The Hotel Don Pancho also took into account during its renovation project the creation of new spaces for the organization of this type of events.

With a view to the needs currently required for this type of event, 2 large and very bright rooms were designed, the Goya Room and the Velázquez Room, which in turn can be combined together to give rise to a much larger room according to the needs .

The hotel also has a more private meeting room, the Executive Room, as bright as the halls and equipped with a very comfortable and modern design and furniture.

All these spaces are endowed with the means multimedia and technological means necessary for the implementation of any meeting of these characteristics is a success.

Companies that have trusted the Hotel Don Pancho
During the little trajectory that we carry in this new stage after the renovation of the hotel, many companies have already placed their trust in our service of meetings and events.  From periodic meetings, training sessions, networking and even anniversary dinners.

Some of the companies that have had the Hotel Don Pancho for these types of events are: Grupo Altadis, Grupo BNI ACN Quality, Plataforma Unidos 8 de Marzo, Jet2holidays, Official Association of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Alicante, Brotons Group, Grupo Impuls, among others.

Hotel Don Pancho
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